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I’m  still amazed on how PIK continue to grow as ultimate and unique culinary destination. I loveee seafood, so when I heard that a new type of Jimbaran Balinese seafood eatery just opened, I couldn’t wait to go there. While there aren’t many Balinese restaurant in Jakarta, D’Lamenega offers fresh seafood that’s cooked and marinated similar to those you can find only in Bali, with a cozy restaurant surroundings of course. The spacey place is simple and separated between smoking and non-smoking area.I heard that they’re going to open a second floor to in the future and I can see this will be a hit place soon. Like their restaurant interior, the menu isn’t complicated at all. With only a few choices but mouth watering all together and with good price too, I was greedy and ordered almost everything on the menu.

Grill Seafood Platter (IDR 120.000): Breams fish (ikan Kirisi), squid satay and clams marinated and grilled with D’Lamenega’s special sauce. Gotta fall in love with the sweet tangy, finger licking good sauce. An explosion of Indonesian natural spices in one.

Kepiting Saus Padang (IDR 240.000): Crab cooked in Padang style sauce. It’s savory, rich, spicy and hard to resist!

Cumi Goreng Tepung (IDR 50.000): Fried calamari, this one is good although too common compared to others.

Tumis Kangkung Terasi (IDR 45.000): Water spinach sautéed with Indonesian spicy shrimp paste.

Kerapu Bakar (IDR 160.000): Barbequed Grouper fish with D’Lamenega’s special sauce. I like this fish better than the Breams, cause of it’s softer and juicier texture.

Kepiting Bakar (IDR 240.000): Grilled crabs with D’Lamenega sauce. Same goodness with enticing crustacean.

Tumis Tauge Ikan Asin (IDR 30.000): Sautéed bean sprouts and salted fish. Crunchy and savory to the last bite.

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D’Lamenega Authentic Balinese Seafood

Rukan Garden House Blok B no 17-18A, Pantai Indah Kapuk,
Jakarta Utara 14460. 

Phone: +622129033210+622129033211 

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