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As a crustacean lover I was ecstatic to try this new Louisiana style restaurant in Lotte Shopping Avenue. The Dancing Crab, as it’s called, is a franchise restaurant from Singapore by Tung Lok group, Singapore’s leading restaurant chain. The Dancing Crab restaurant Jakarta is located right next to XXI Cinema on the 4th floor. It looks small from the outside but surprisingly huge L shaped space inside. You can definitely see the freshness of the seafood from the live stock they have in the aquarium. The specialty here is the sauce; which is a mix of Robust, country style Cajun and Creole cuisine of Southern region of USA. It has a distinctive taste of strong Cajun spice and the wonderful mix of sweet sour savory of Herb Butter, Beurre Blanc and Zesty Garlic Butter, with your choice of spiciness, that really makes your tongue dancing in joy.

Seafood Gumbo (IDR 68.000): Originated from Louisiana, it’s typically consists of strongly flavored stock, okra, mussel, seasoning vegetables, shrimp, sausage and rice. Dancing Crab’s version has a almost clear looking soup not as chunky as I’ve expected it to be. But the taste was alright and unique in flavor.

Seasonal Crab (IDR 400.000): Local crab originated from Papua, it was huge with lots of delicious crabmeat to indulge.

Boston Lobster (IDR 888.000): Huge fresh Boston lobster with thick meat that’s sweet and ‘sickeningly’ delicious. Get me another one!



Beignets (IDR 30.000): New Orleans’ donut-like dessert that you rarely find in Jakarta.  It’s a deep fried Choux pastry with crunchy outside and hollow inside. A somewhat simple dessert with powder sugar on top.

Apple Crumble (IDR 38.000): American style pie that has plenty of delicious apple filling, it has moist crust and crunchy crumbles. I just don’t get the cheese-like top layer that comes with it, other than that, it’s yummy.


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Dancing Crab

Lotte Shopping Avenue 4th Flr
(Right Next to XXI Cinema)
Jl.Prof.Dr.Satrio Kav.3-5 
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29889499

Opening Hours

Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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