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 I was in the mood for seafood,so I gave Cranky Crab in South Jakarta a visit. This restaurant is a two in one eatery: Hanu Korean on the right side and Cranky Crab on the other. As you go in, you’ll noticed the cute big cartoon mural on the wall and the servers greetings right away. The place isn’t too big but quite comfy with seats adorned pillow cases and hanging mason jar lamps. The menu here is all seafood oriented, but you can also order Korean bbq from the Hanu side. FYI all of the seafood selections here are local crustaceans with many choices of sauces from Non-Spicy to Cranky (super spicy) that can be adjusted according to your taste buds. I’ve noticed that although the food is presented as a Southern American cuisine, it barely has authentic Cajun/Creole flavors, instead it’s more altered to Asian Indonesian taste. The choices of Cranky Crab’s original sauces are: Asian Addict, Lemon Pepper Junkie, Garlic Madness, in addition to the Indonesian Heritage Sauces: Asap, Saus Tiram, Angsio, Saus Padang and Black Pepper.

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Crab with Asian Addict sauce (IDR 320.000): Papua crab with asian style sauce. The crab is quite big for a Medium size. The sauce has Asian style that’s resembles Chinese Indonesian cuisine.


Crab with Lemon Pepper Sauce (IDR 320.000): This sauce has a distinct flavor, more peppery and salty than the other but the ginger fragrant kinda puts me off a bit.


Crayfish with Garlic Madness (IDR 199.000): Ten crayfishes dipped in thick sauces. The meat are so little but fun and delicious to eat. I wasn’t fond of this sauce cause it’s bland.

Side Dishes:
Sweet Corn (IDR 15.000)
Crispy Seasoned Fries (IDR 24.000)

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Cranky Crab

Jl.Wijaya I No.65
Kebayoran Baru – South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 725-5042

Opening Hours:

Mon – Thur 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM
Fri – Sun 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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