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Singapore, with its modern and busy shopping street Orchard road, has been widely known to many Indonesians and popularly visited during any holiday break. The stalls on the side of Orchard street that sells ice cream on breads were so popular to Indonesians, that somebody decided to open up an Orchard street ice cream bread franchise in Indonesia. That’s how the name orchard road has sticked deeply in the minds of people from Indonesia and has been deemed identic to Singapore by some. In this article, however, I was not about to write reviews on Orchard road, instead I would like to share other areas in Singapore that are surprisingly worth visiting and would offer you unique adventure by itself. One of them is the area that they call Kampong Glam, which includes the recently becoming popular Arab street and Haji Lane.

I decided to stay at Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan, located strategically on the east side of Kampong Glam, in close proximity to the popular cafes and retail shopping rows in that area. Built on a heritage building, Hotel Clover 33 has only two stories with simple straight layout for all the rooms. They offer 6 types of rooms, from Select Queen, Select Single Garden, Plush, Premier Garden, Loft Suite, which I chose to occupy during my stay there, and lastly the Garden King Suite.



The lobby and the aisle to the rooms were decorated with ornaments and fixtures from other Asian countries. They fit nicely into the interior of this heritage building. Even the waiting section in the lobby was fully furnished and embellished with those rich cultural ornaments.




The hotel restaurant is situated to the right of the concierge and front desk. Just across the restaurant, you can find a small gym for you to work out. The breakfast provided here was good with several selections of complete breakfast platters as well as some other breakfast side dishes. I tried both the american and the asian breakfasts and found them to be fulfilling.








I got the opportunity to view all types of rooms that they have to offer from the smallest Select Queen room that would be most suitable for single business traveler or even a couple looking for a small nice room to stay, the Plush that is a bit larger in size, to their biggest and more lavish rooms of Garden King Suites. Select Queen and Plush were positioned on the first floor, whereas Premier Garden, Loft Suite, Select Single Garden and Garden King Suites occupied the whole second floor of the building.

The Loft Suite was quite convenient and fun to stay in. It offers LED TVs on both the first floor and the bed loft, allowing couples to watch their own favorite channels. As you can see from the picture, the bed loft has an attic style ceiling with tiny windows on two sides. There are also long desk for you to work and a coffee table. The bathroom is not as small as I used to see in loft style hotel room. It has enough space for you to do your thing there.






Below are the rest of the photos of the other rooms. All room options are arranged nicely to provide a homey ambiance.








Staying at hotel clover for two nights allowed me to really feel what they have to offer. The overall experience has been more than satisfactory. I felt that in terms of value, what they offer is highly worthwhile. I can relax in the privacy of my comfy room and the quick cure to my culinary consumption cravings and my retail therapy addictions is just several minutes away. An elaborate review on the culinary and retail venues in Kampong Glam area will be posted separately. Subscribe to our mailing list to get notified.

As we approached the month of love, I noticed that they offer a d’Amour valentine’s day package that includes a one-night stay, with a toast of Moet & Chandon bubbles and a pack of delightful Royce chocolate. Also included are a breakfast for two and a complimentary mini bar drinks upon check-in. The package is available from Plush room type and above. You can check the detail when you make reservations. So for you love birds, I  would highly recommend Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan as one valuable option for you to stay on your next Singapore trip.


Hotel Clover 33 Jalan Sultan
33 Jalan Sultan
Singapore 198965

Phone: +65 6830 7888


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