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Another cafe I visited in Kemang area is Clea Tea Bar & Lounge. This place, previously operated as Tea Addict, was turned into a chic looking cafe with a separate room for flower shop inside the cafe. I was attracted by its concept that integrates a tea bar and a flower shop, which I found intriguing.

Upon entering, the positive effect of the flower shop was immediately felt throughout the cafe. The aura of brisk nature and freshness dominated the meal session. The interior was quite simple, but it was nicely designed with the right application of material.

clea tea bar & lounge 1

clea tea bar & lounge 2

clea tea bar & lounge 3

clea tea bar & lounge 4

clea tea bar & lounge 5

clea tea bar & lounge 6

clea tea bar & lounge 7

clea tea bar & lounge 8

clea tea bar & lounge 9

The menu was a bit above regular cafe standard with some dishes that I usually find in more upscale restaurants. I came by during afternoon tea hours, so my eating appetite was not on its peak. I decided to order just one appetizer and drinks.

Escargot (IDR 40,000) – The escargot was fresh and juicy. Liked it.

Silver Bliss (IDR 50,000) – The white tea was a bit bitter. While the tea leaves can be consumed as well, the tea drink is just average. I feel that the tea menu was not elaborate enough to call itself a tea bar. The tea drink offered nothing special in terms of both creativity as well as quality. I think Clea needs to upgrade its tea menu selection.

Madame Butterfly (IDR 38,000)- This mocktail concoction was not meeting my standard for mocktail. The taste was a bit too sweet and too syrupy. Sorry.

clea tea bar & lounge 10

clea tea bar & lounge 11

I would consider Clea as another hang out place in Kemang that I can go to while I am in the neighborhood. Just do not put your expectation too high in terms of food and drinks.


Clea Tea Bar and Lounge
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 95
Kemang, Jakarta Selatan

Phone 021.719.0232
Opening Hours: 10 am – 11 pm


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