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Recently I visited the new Chef in Red Seafood Bar in SCBD, located right next to Fukuro Japanese restaurant. The owner, Chef Reenee Tandjung, is a former model and fashion boutique owner. As I reached the eatery, the first thing that I saw were the welcoming large Red double door entrance. The restaurant’s interior screams bold and sexy with black and red colors dominant and a touch of Cowhide Western furniture. I also noticed that there are many photo-ready corners in this place. It’s obvious that this restaurant is built mostly for female customers, especially for fashionable ladies with narcissistic hunger :-). After looking at the menu, I found many international menu, as well as local flavored seafood. Let’s test if this restaurant really has what it takes or is it just another gimmick among the rest of the uncountable new eateries in Jakarta.

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Chef In Red Green Squid (IDR 85.000): Sauteed squid with garlic and green chili. Well, from the first bite, there’s something definitely not right with the squid. I’m not an expert, but even I can taste that the squid was mushy and watery. It’s too bad cause I really enjoyed the Manadonese Woku-like flavor.


Mussels Curry (IDR 189.000): New Zealand mussels with house curry sauce. Love the bold curry sauce that has a taste resemble to Thai green curry.


Uni Angel Hair (IDR 288.000): Angel hair pasta with mushroom and uni sauce. Although the seasonings was spot on, the pasta was overly cooked and there’s a strong smell that came out of the sea urchin.


Devil Smoke Fish (IDR 245.000): Boneless smoked Milk Fish topped with very spicy chili. I like this one cause the Milk fish was cooked nicely. But I should warn you on how spicy this dish really is. Personally, it’s perfect for my strong palate.


Crab Congee (IDR 180.000): Signature Chef in Red porridge served with salted egg yolk and Mud Crab meat on top.  Good consistency, nicely flavored, generous amount of crab meat.


Chili Fish Head (IDR 195.000): Half fries Salmon head cooked with butter and dry chili. Another spicy menu to devour, this one uses chili oil and is more greasy than the others. The taste is as mediocre as it gets.


Butter Crab (IDR 599.000): 700gr live mud crab cooked with butter and dry chili. I can tell you that I’ve found my favorite of them all. This dish is as gorgeous in taste as in it’s look. The crab is coated by this savory, sweet and explosive flavor. It’s finger licking delicious.


Butter Jumbo Prawns (IDR 550.000): Fried jumbo prawns cooked with caramelized butter and cheese. Very similar with the previous one. Really good too.


Seafood Platter (IDR 2.995.000): Shrimp, New Zealand Mussels, King Crab, Blue Crab, Alaskan Crab, Gonggong (Sea Snails) Langoustine (Norway Lobster) and Boston Lobster. The most interesting dish they have here, although I wasn’t too impressed by it. The mixed seafood is broiled Western style, which is very simple and has almost no seasoning. But the problem with this is that the seafood has to be in top condition and I mean, Fresh out of the ocean. The seafood platter of Chef in Red wasn’t as good as I expected. Some were even tasted fresh out of the freezer, if I can say it bluntly.

As a seafood lover myself, I have a mixed feeling from my Chef In Red Seafood Bar experience. I would definitely come back for the Butter Seafood or the other Asian flavored dishes, but maybe not for the rest.


Chef In Red Seafood Bar

Jl. Jendral Sudirman Lot 14 SCBD Kav.52-53
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 5140 2201

Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 8:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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