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Crab is one of my favourite seafood besides fish and prawn. So when I heard about a small eatery with crab as their specialty dish, I got curious naturally and wanted badly to try it. At the time, Chef Epi was operating inside Papaya Supermarket at its previous location on Sukajadi street. But due to one thing and another, I did not get a chance to visit it and try it myself. Only until Chef Epi moved to a new place at Ciumbuleuit street, I came by to experience the buzz myself.

The venue is somewhat simple with larger dining area compared to its previous location. The menu got an extension on products to include some Vietnamese menu offerings.

chef epi 1

chef epi 2

We ordered two portions of crabs, with 4 different cooking flavours. For the first portion, we had it cooked Singapore Chili and Black Pepper style. As for the second portion that was added later, we asked for San Francisco style and its most popular, Red Crab style.

Black Pepper & Singapore Chili Crab (IDR 310k/kg – with 1 kg or portion roughly equals 2 crabs) – I loved its Singapore Chili Crab with spiciness level on one chili. The chili sauce is the best dipping sauce for their fried mantou. The meat of these Papua-originated large crabs is plentiful and tender. I am personally not too keen on black pepper for any dishes, but since my dinner company at the time like it, I went along with it. I ate some of it and enjoyed it nevertheless.
chef epi 3

San Francisco Crab and Kepiting Merah – The san francisco style was quite good as well if you like garlic and butter. The crab meat on this buttery blend tickled my appetite. It was satisfying. But the phrase that the best one usually came last was completely appropriate. This Red Crab was cooked using their special recipe, but the sauce has the best balance of taste overall in spiciness as well as sweetness. To me, the winner was Red Crab or “Kepiting Merah” on the menu.
chef epi 4

Fried Mantou 4 pcs (IDR 25k)

Singapore Chili Crab Noodle (IDR 50k) – If you are looking for a quick tummy filling dish that was also economical and worth it, this is the one. Just order fried mantou to go along with it and you can enjoy both noodle and mantou dipped in their tasty Singapore chili sauce.

Pho Beef Noodle (IDR 40k) – This Vietnamese dish was quite alright if you are into Pho.

Smoked Beef Spring Rolls (IDR 32k)

chef epi 5

chef epi 6

chef epi 7

Hot Ca Phe Sua Da (IDR 30k)

chef epi 8

Iced Virgin Mojito (IDR 27k)
Moroccan Tea (IDR 20k)
Lime Juice (IDR 22k)
Orange Juice (IDR 25k)

chef epi 9

Chef Epi is currently my favourite destination to please my crab cravings. I would surely visit it again in the near future.


Hotel Sheo
Jl. Ciumbuleuit 152



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