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I visited this three stories cafe in Kemang Raya by the name of Carpediem, which has a meaning of “Seize the day”. With such a free spirited meaning like that, I was eager to discover if they put the same soul into the food they serve here. First let me tell you about the interior of the place, they use glass-caged chairs as a decoration. It definitely has a captivating first floor. As I escalate up the landing, the thing that caught my attention was the rattan mushroom shaped seat in the middle, it continues upstairs to the spacey second floor that mostly rectangle shaped and turned into live music area at weekends. That’s not all, there’s another hidden seating spot climbing the narrow circular stairs. You can see the whole second floor from the top. The restaurant has a really astonishing design, I can tell you so far.

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About the menu, it is French-Italian-Japanese fusion food. After going through it, I decided to order these ones :


Mediterranean Salad (IDR 75.000): Crisp green, Feta cheese, tomato cherry, cucumber, artichoke hearts and marinated olives. Nicely executed, has colorful ingredients, although  sadly I couldn’t find the cheese anywhere in the salad. The dressing was simple and fresh.


Pasta Seafood Marinara (IDR 95.000): Spaghetti, Marinara sauce, shrimp and Cod fish. The pasta was al dente, a little bland for my taste but the seafood was delicious. Overall it was alright.



Grilled Salmon Miso (IDR 105.000): Salmon, sautéed baby potatoes, and Miso sauce. Too bad the Salmon was overcooked. The Miso sauce was really delicious, it’s fragrant and has the right thickness. I love it.




Baked Alaska (IDR 80.000): Haagen-Daz Vanilla ice cream on Mango spongecake coated with an igloo of flamed Italian meringue, served with Strawberry sauce. Gorgeous looking dessert. The Vanilla ice cream in the middle was creamy and the couldn’t get enough of the burnt meringue. The Strawberry sauce was also perfect to added acidity to the otherwise very sweet meringue.


Lemon Soufflé (IDR 40.000): Lightly baked lemon cake serve with Raspberry sauce. I’m sorry to say this but the soufflé has a very strong egg smell that I couldn’t tolerate. Wasn’t my favorite dish.

Carpediem has a really good potential to be a enticing hang out place in spite of the mediocre food. But I would always come back for the ‘Live in the moment’ nightlife. After all, we only get to live once!

Carpediem Restaurant & Lounge

Yamakawa Building
Jl. Kemang Raya No. 24A
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 718 2197

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