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Coffee Lovers, are you excited for this? A new coffee place from USA just arrived in Jakarta and the place is stunning! Caribou Coffee is originally from Minneapolis and this one in Senopati area is the first branch in Indonesia. If you are a Starbucks fan, this one has a familiar feel to it. From the order first- pay first, the many selections of sandwiches, pastry and cakes, to the collection of novelty items-are typical American coffee shops. But somehow Caribou has a more down to earth feel to it, might be because of the deer mascot and country-side feel of the interior. Quite a perfect theme for Christmas around the corner if I may add.

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If you like the first floor, you’ll love the second floor even better! Up on the stair landing was the giant deer with antler mural, stunning for taking pictures or just to stare at. The top floor has many more picture perfect spots and an outdoor terrace with nice few of the road.

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First thing that I ordered was the Americana coffee (IDR 26.000/S) along with other cakes. The coffee was a little watery, has no acidity, a little different from the ones we’re used to get here, but I like new things and I could get used to this.


The New York Style Cheesecake (IDR 38.000): It was good in sense of the firm texture and the cheese overload, tasted pretty close to the ones I had in USA.


Crunchy Chocolate (IDR 40.000): This one is good for chocolate lovers. Chocolate cake with mousse like texture and crunchy peanut bits.


Pistachio Cake (IDR 38.000): Very milky taste with a hint of Pistachio flavor.


Would I take another visit to Caribou? You betcha I will! Their many choices of coffee and the ambiance are the main reason this place is the Go-To place right now.



Caribou Coffee

Jl.Senopati No.52
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2751 5162

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