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Settled on top of Crematology is where you’ll find Cantina 18°. There’s nothing special about this Italian restaurant’s simple almost plain looking place with red walls and ordinary furnitures. But as I go through the menu, I was happy to see the sophisticated dishes their have. Italian is the main character of Cantina 18° .They stay true to the soul of Italian food and it truly reflected through the dishes they presented.

Insalata Di Orzo, Podori E Calamaro (IDR 65.000): Pearl Barley salad with mix salad , tomato and squid. Lovely presented salad with delicious breaded squid that tasted fresh and nicely seasoned. The Barley kernels were delicious and added extra yumminess to the simple dressed salad.

Mezze Lune Di Pesce Con Salsa Al Granchio (IDR 140.000): Half moon home made pasta stuffed with seafood served with crab sauce. The pasta has the right thickness to it, the filling was delicious and the crab sauce was superb.

Grigliata Mista Di Pesce (IDR 150.000): Mixed grilled seafood platter of squid, fish fillet, prawn roasted potato and mixed vegetables. I really enjoy the fragrant spices on the bread crumbs they use. All the seafood were also super fresh and scrumptious.

Italian Gelato (IDR 30.000): Two scoops of Pistachio and Chocolate ice cream. It doesn’t taste like gelato and was obviously kept too long in the freezer. Not a recommended dessert.

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Cantina 18° Italian Grill Restaurant

Jl.Suryo No.25
Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2751 0539

Opening Hours:
Mon- Sun 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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  1. Cantina 18 truly lived up to the culinary blogsphere hype; where every single one had great reviews of the food and quality served in this restaurant above the Crematology cafe. For dinner I had the creatively presented grilled yellowfin tuna, very delicious, cooked to perfection, pink in the middle with good helpings of veggies as side dishes.

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