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I was quickly becoming excited seeing this pretty bright retro food truck by the side Ciumbuleuit street, in front of a house with a big yard where they also hang retro lamps with all the colours that are in harmony. Ciumbuleuit street is located in North Bandung area near University of Parahyangan where there are lots of dorms and student housing complexes around. The way they stationed the food truck and how they make the yard into picnic-park like with chairs is alluring and inviting.  Toilet and washing area is set in a building just next to the truck.

After coming by at around noon and being told that they are open at 3 pm, I came back at 3.30 pm and parked my car there. I ordered some of their recommended burgers and sat down on one of those chairs. It was on Sunday, the weather was perfect with breezy air… just a perfect day to chill.

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I ordered these below food and drink from their menu.

The Boss of the Bun (IDR 55k): classic buns, beef patty, beetroot relish, onion rings, cheese, lettuce, beef bacon, sunny side up, smoky bbq sauce – The beef patty taste well-balanced and tender enough for a burger. The combination of the other ingredients make it one richly taste burger. If you do love burger, this one is a good choice.

Herbs Fully Loaded (IDR 35k): buns, veggie patty, mango salsa, coleslaw – I love the refreshing note coming from the mango salsa. I think the salsa is the main ingredients that makes this burger stand out from the rest.

Cheez Booster (IDR 40k): buns, beef patty, chicken, cheese, and cheese snack – since I love cheese, this menu is one of my favorite.

These burgers from Suis Butcher group, which has been established since 1984, were pretty good. These well-cooked burgers have nice texture with taste that was not disappointing.

Corn Dog (IDR 27k for 2 sticks): sausages covered with corn mixture which was a bit too soft for me, but still have good taste.

Stardust Lemonade (IDR 20k): tasteless, watery, and I could smell unpleasant odour that reminded me of some medicine. I pretty much didn’t taste any lemon flavour. It’s probably harsh for me to say this but it’s literally the worst lemonade I’ve tasted so far sad. So hopefully they will tweak it for the better for the sake of the culinary world tongue

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jonn & sons 8

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I also noticed some other problems like as you can see on the picture, the waiters were sitting in front of the truck chatting and giggling. There was only me at that moment and one other customer that was lining up to take some order, but it was hard for me to call them up when I need some dining utensils. So I had to walk to them and asked for the fork and knife. It must be pretty sad for the owner if they see this, since they have like around 4-6 servers there.  The cashier was also a bit unfriendly. On top of that, I wish they have better taste in music to create the right ambiance.

So overall, great idea. I applaud the innovativeness and congratulate on making it to the big league, but again they still got some issues to improve.


Jl. Ciumbuleuit No. 107

Open at 3 pm daily



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