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My latest Singapore work and leisure trip early July brought me to new outeating spin. I was not planning on it as I did not anticipate to have some free time on my last day there. I heard about Gordon Ramsay’s recently-opened restaurants in Singapore, Bread Street Kitchen, so I quickly made reservations the day before. Turned out they were already fully booked for July as I expected for a celebrity chef’s restaurant of this stature. As I would be leaving Singapore in two days time, I was naturally disappointed by the news. However, it quickly turned to excitement when I got a kind reply offering me seats for two from the restaurants as they have few seats reserved for incidental needs.

Located at the bay level of The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, Bread Street Kitchen was perched on one end of this suave shopping hub, presenting a chic warehouse style interior and exterior somewhat mimicking its London branch. The British restaurant ambiance was spot on for its smart casual restaurant dress code.

Bread Kitchen Singapore Exterior

Bread Kitchen Singapore Logo

I love the design and the rich specific details they put into each sections of the restaurant that made it Bread Street Kitchen. The checker black and white tile, the orange black pattern organized nicely with metal structure on the ceiling, long tall tables by the window, modishly looking lamps on top of the tables on middle section, yellow leather sofa booths on one side, and several small tables by the window with a view of the promenade.

It was done just right for its intended guests without being too excessive or overly done. The NYC vibe that the place generated for my lunch session was memorable to say the least. I dare to vouch for the restaurant just by the interior itself.

As I read the reviews from earlier visitors of the establishment, I got the notion that the music was played too loud for regular conversations. Fortunately for me, I did not encounter such experience during my lunch there. The music and volume were alright for the occasion. Personally, I would turn the volume up a touch.

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Plates

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Overlooking Marina Bay

Bread Kitchen Singapore Interior

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Ornaments

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Table and Chair

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Retro Ornaments

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Interior 2

One of these tables was our reserved table for this delightful lunch. It was definitely the perfect spot for us foodie as it gave us the opportunity to take a shot of the food simmered by natural lighting, while also providing us with a lovely view of the bay with Esplanade on the other side of the bay.

Bread Kitchen Singapore - By The Window

Bread Street Kitchen featured a British European menu with quite a few lunch menu selections. We ordered two starters, two mains and still water to start with. In the middle of the lunch, we added two glasses of Moscato sweet wines to complement the dining experience.

Truthfully speaking, I came in with high expectation of the dishes to be served, since it inherently came with the package of knowing Gordon Ramsay’s celebrity chef status having 14 Michelin stars and also the judge for high rating cooking television programmes, including Masterchef US, Masterchef Junior US and of course Hell’s Kitchen.

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Bread

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Glass Bottle

Potted salt beef brisket, grain mustard, piccalilli, caraway crackers (S$ 19) – This cold starter came highly recommended by the friendly server that took our order. It immediately took our attention upon serving with its nice presentation, which turned out the case with all the dishes served. The short tube shaped beef brisket was tender with a hint of spiciness that I usually found by eating wasabi (a condiment usually served with sushi and sashimi). For the dish, piccalilli was the culprit, or more appropriately stated as the hero as it brought out a nice flavour to the brisket. As I continued gobbling the whole dish, I found that combining all elements of the servings in one bite including the crackers and the mustards was the best way to fully enjoy the dish.

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Beef Brisket

Seared scallops, carrot purée, treacle cured bacon, apple, celery cress (S$ 24) – This other starter that we had was from the Hot Starters section of the menu. The fact that I had keen fondness of scallop dish from a western cuisine was the main reason for my choice of this dish. The three scallops were fresh and they were properly seared and seasoned well. The texture was good and easy to chew, showing that it was cooked just right. Favoured the apple on top of the scallops, providing a nice balance to the whole flavour. We quickly finish the scallops along with the accompanying condiments that gave a nice blend to the dish, both presentation and taste wise.

Scanavino, Moscato d’Asti, Piedmont, Italy (S$ 15 / glass)
Having the Moscato dessert wines, with its fresh, fruity, sweet and aromatic scent, to accompany our lunch was perfect. It went well with the whole meal courses that we had, despite the fact that sweet wines are usually paired with white meat protein such as chicken, fish, scallop and also fruity desserts.

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Scallop

Slow-roasted Dingley Dell pork belly, spiced apple puree (S$ 28) – The name Dingley Dell came from the dingley dell farm in U.K. that produces great quality pork meat. This pork belly was slow roasted with the skin and the fat just under the skin fried to a crisp to give a cracker like crispiness. As I took my first bite on the pork belly meat, I sensed the tenderness of the meat, despite its thick cut. Served with apple puree, the dish boasted sophistication of its own. The skin was kinda tough for me though.  I had to bite with extra force to get it to crack. I would prefer a tad bit thinner skin to go with the wonderful meat.

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Pork

BSK short rib beef burger, Monterey Jack cheese, spicy sriracha mayo (S$ 26) – Suggested by the server as the burger was one of the popular dish here, I decided to have a try. I am not a big fan of burger per say, but I eat burger now and then. The burger did not give the punch I expected, however it did satisfy my taste bud with its juicy and tender short rib beef, nicely complemented with the cheese and especially the sriracha mayo.

I think I might find more kick from some other menus that they offer such as the Roasted black cod, Risotto with mushroom, or Roasted duck breast. But I guess I have to leave it for another dining opportunity to find out.

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Sriracha Burger

Pineapple carpaccio, passion fruit, coconut sorbet (S$ 15) – To complete the meal, we had this interesting dessert made of pineapple. The flavour combo from pineapple and coconut sorbet was both new and surprising to me as it mixed together so well. I love the freshness of the fruit and the light taste of coconut that the sorbet brought in. It was a great closure to the lunch.

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Pineapple

Bread Kitchen Singapore - Cappuccino

Having executive chef, Sabrina Stillhart, who has been working with Gordon Ramsay for about a decade and was part of the opening team of Bread Street Kitchen London, BSK Singapore was surely left in good professional hands of his team. I think, overall, the restaurant provided me with a top-notch dining experience worthy of its name with nice creative dishes and wonderful ambiance.


Bread Street Kitchen
Bay Level, L1-81
The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands
Marina Bay, Singapore

Daily 11:30am – 5:30pm

Sunday – Wednesday 5:30pm – 10pm
Thursday – Saturday 5:30pm – 12am

Sunday – Thursday 11:30am – 1am
Friday – Saturday 11:30am – 2am

P: +65 6688 5665


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