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I hope you’re not sick of Korean dessert yet, cause I have another one for you. Like many Jakarta residents I’m also a regular mall goer, so I am tempted to try any new restaurants/cafes there. This time, my eyes (and tongue) were set on Bing Go. A new Korean dessert place in Gandaria Mall. The location isn’t hard to find, it’s exactly across Nanny’s Pavillon on UG floor. The place is very welcoming, with KPop music to accompany your meal. Because this is a Bingsoo place, they serve mostly Korean shaved ice dessert and some other things like toast and light snacks. I’ve also noticed that vintage Edison light bulbs are ‘a thing’ here in Jakarta’s new restaurants and I also found them here at Bing Go (it doesn’t mean it distracted me from the menu).





Enough with the mambo jambo.. Let’s start with the yummies that I ordered:

Pat Bing Go (IDR 60.000/Small): Of course I had to ordered the original one. This is the Korean ice dessert with red bean toppings, ice cream, Korean mochi/Injeolmi) and condensed milk. The trend right now is the snow shaved ice, so this one has also the fluffy very light kind of ice shavings rather than regular ice. The red bean has a mushy texture.. Personally I like the whole bean texture,but it was pretty good flavor wise.

Chocolate Bing Go (IDR 46.000/Small): Chocolate works well on every dessert and this one was No exception. The crunchy chocolate shredded was satisfying and there were also brownie and wafer pieces to add the excitements. I’m just happy when there’s chocolate involved.




Will I come back for more? Sure thing. It’s basically summer all year long in Jakarta, so Ice Dessert is always a good idea.

Bing Go Korean Dessert Cafe
Gandaria City Mall
UG Floor M-U33C
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda 
Kebayoran Lama
South Jakarta – 12240

Phone: (021) 2923 6839

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