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I was skeptical when I went in this ice cream shop, it was too early I guess coz I was there after brunch and the place looks deserted. After a while, customers came pouring in and it felt more lively. Besides ice cream and french fries and croquets there aren’t any other food in the menu. The ice cream parlor itself has only one floor but quite spacey. Not much decoration but lots of fun murals to look at. With lots of ice cream places in Pondok Indah Kapuk, I was curious to find out if this one worth the visit. And I can tell you directly by just sampling two of their signature bowls.

Rockey Honey (IDR 32.000): Milky Vanilla and Ovaltine ice cream with Fruit pebbles, Choco fudge, Milo powder and Ferrero chocolate ball. The ice cream was super smooth, rich of flavor. The topping were generous, a chocolate lover must have. Love it!

One Minute To Home (IDR 32.000): Green Tea and Taro Ice Cream with Popcorn, Honey star, Salted caramel and Oreo.Deep matcha and Taro flavored ice cream, same softness and addicting. They went a little overboard with the cereal topping but loving the salted caramel that added the kick to it.

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BC’s Cone

Ruko Crown Golf, Blok B2 No. 2
Bukit Golf Mediterania
Jl. Marina Indah Raya
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29704982 / (021) 29704395

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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