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BAM! Tapas and Sake Bar is a new addition to the prestigious Plaza Indonesia’s many high end restaurants.  From afar you can see the welcoming large BAM! sign in front, stood proud with it’s gorgeous adorned wooden partition wall. Being a franchise from Singapore,this Spanish / Japanese restaurant offers a refreshing fusion twist to the ordinary kind of tapas food. Although the restaurant isn’t that big, the interior is both slick and eye catching. The other side,which is Senju Omakase and Sake, has a modern Japanese design. You can order from either side of the menus.




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Plancha Ricotta (IDR 299.000): Pasta a la plancha, Ricotta, summer truffle. The large tubes of pasta was dry and crunchy, I think it’s because they grilled it somehow. The flavor was nice though..simple but worked well with the salty Ricotta cheese.


Spanish Prawn (IDR 299.000): Spanish prawns “Carabinero” with Rosemary and lime. The main thing about this prawns are the juices from their heads, so you’ll have to squeeze it out to get the natural flavors. The prawns were beautiful,fresh and has a nice crunchy texture.


Gyoza Beef (IDR 90.000): Gyoza of beef with Greek Yoghurt. I like how the gyoza skin is thin enough so it doesn’t overwhelm the juicy filling.


Paella for Four (IDR 700.000): Spanish rice dish with Seafood such as shrimps, clams and Soft shell crabs. My favorite dish so far, the rice has a perfect al dente texture, very rich in terms of the seasonings, the seafood was superb and last but not least was the touch of Kale greens to neutralized all the richness. Delicioso!



Churros (IDR 90.000): Spanish fried donuts with Vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. The churros were nicely crunchy and soft in the middle.


Rice Pudding (IDR 90.000): Rice pudding cream with Saffron and Mango. Thick rich rice pudding, creamy and a little heavy for my liking.



Lemon Curd (IDR 90.000): Chef’s special lemon curd with Crumble and Meringue. The lemon curd has a perfect sourness in it, the crumble was to die for and I couldn’t get enough of the frothy Meringue on top.

I also was curious of the menu from Senju Omakase and Sake,so I ordered some of their dishes.

Gindara Robatayaki (IDR 218.000): Barbecue Gindara fillet.The size is pretty small but it was fresh and tasty.



Hamachi Kama Robatayaki (IDR 578.000):  Yellow fishtail’s collar/cheek grilled to perfection.The skin was crisp and the inside was cooked nicely.

Although most of the dishes I’ve tried was delicious, I can’t deny the gasp I let out when I saw my bills. BAM! Sake and Bar + Senju Omakase and Sake left me with great pleasure for my appetite but honestly…Not for my wallet.

BAM! Sake and Bar
Senju Omakase and Sake

Plaza Indonesia 3rd Floor,L3#119
Jl.M.H. Thamrin, Kav. 28-30
Central Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2992 4222


  1. Thank you for your comments. And also I total agree with your comments.
    Is true that we are not cheap but for example the Spanish prawn is a great product but expensive , the same of the black truffle.
    Thank you for come and for comment.

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