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I was around PIK area and my friend recommended me to this Chinese-Medanese (Medan is a capital city of North Sumatra) noodle spot in Pasar PIK. It was a Sunday morning and the place was packed from little kids to senior customers. I’ve heard how famous this noodle is but have no idea how it tasted, so we waited for a table and immediately order the dish. The place was like all typical ‘real’ Chinese style noodle places in Jakarta, no air conditioning and you seat on a single long table, together with other people. That’s one of the beauty of hawker food I guess. 🙂 I expected the service to be faster than it was, but it’s still understandable considering how busy they were.

Fried Pork Meatball/Bakso Goreng (IDR 4000/piece): Really delicious and addicting meatballs, crisp on the outside, soft and succulent on the inside. It’s also nicely seasoned and perfect to be eaten with the sweet and sour chili sauce.

Lamlo Noodle (IDR 48.000): What the difference about Medanese noodle if you might asked? Well..they love to have more toppings..Like Lamlo noodle, the complete toppings would be: 2 Pork balls, 1 Half boiled egg and 2 pork dumplings (in addition to the shredded pork and fried shallots). The noodle has a stiff texture which I love, although the overall taste was a little bland for my liking. I had to add more seasonings to make it perfect. There’s also a touch of sourness in the seasoning that I think was interesting. In conclusion I’d give it 3/5 for the rating.

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Bakmi Lamlo

Fresh Market Pantai Indah Kapuk
Jl. Pantai Indah Kapuk Boulevard No. 29 – 30
Pantai Indah Kapuk
North Jakarta

Phone: (021) 33081068

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun : 6:30 AM – 2:00 PM

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