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One of the perks visiting other parts of Jakarta is the availability of really good noodle place, which South Jakarta is lack of. Bakmi Alie is one of oldest noodle place in Kedoya, it’s specialized in Bakmi Bangka (noodle from part of Sumatra island). It’s wheat based noodle which was brought to Southeast Asia by Chinese immigrants with Fujian or Hokkien origin, prepared and topped with minced soy-sauce pork. The place itself is humble and very typical noodle eatery in Jakarta. No AC, rows on tables on the walls, but still clean and can accommadate lots of people. The menu stays true to Bangka dishes such as pempek (fish cakes), Fukian (fried pork meatballs), Bangka Porridge etc.

Theuw Fu Kok (IDR 25.000): Soup consisted of fried tofu with fishcake, fish balls, and fried fishcakes. The soup was a bit tasteless to my liking but all the dishes were delicious, especially the chewy fried fish cakes.

Pempek Bangka (IDR 20.000): Bangka pempek is fishcake made of Mackerel (ikan Kembung) and is usually steamed, not fried unlike Pempek Palembang.The difference is also on the clear red chili and vinegar based sauce. This dish was also a little bland, but really good to be eaten with the chili sauce.The texture was chewy and light.

Mie Bangka (IDR 22.000) : Bakmi Alie has generous portion, with simple shredded pork topping. The homemade noodle was firm (al dente for pasta term) and boldly seasoned. Delicious till the last bite.

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Bakmi Alie Bangka

Taman Ratu Indah Blok D-XI No.22A
Kebon Jeruk
West Jakarta

Phone: (021) 91424906

Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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