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This eatery I found in Riau street is definitely one of the newcomers in Bandung culinary market that has a pretty strong concept. You can tell right away from the rich murals of mami ayam on the walls of this cafe. The concept behind this so called “chicken trafficking business” came from the story of an illegal business owner, Mami Ayam, that started this trafficking business in the chicken world. She illegally distributed her chicks to fulfill human desires for chicken. And in human world, Mami’s business is simply a food delivery joint that delivers chicken wings around Bandung. Haha, an interesting and funny story right?

The newly launched outlet was painted dominantly in red with industrial style interior which you can see applied on the alumunium frame window, and combined with garage and natural settings applied using container-style folded metal and bamboo on the ceiling. The ambience was casual and modern. The tables and chairs were quite comfy with custom made pillows adorned with illustrations of Mami Ayam.








For the drinks, Mami Ayam served its special drink Pina Colada (IDR 23K) and Minty Colada (IDR 23K). I prefer the minty one, since it’s more refreshing and less sweet.


Fried Mushroom Spinach (IDR 18K) – Champignon mushroom stuffed with spinach served with ayamayaman home-made tartar sauce. Using spinach inside the fried mushroom was a nice touch. I like how the taste mixed together. Keep the champignon juicy mami ayam ๐Ÿ™‚


Chicken AlaKaya (IDR 24K/4 pcs, 28K/6pcs) – These chicken wings were thickly glazed with chef creation caramelized sauce giving a sweet flavour. The name alakaya was referring to the name of the individual who made it, Chef Kaya.

Chicken wings have been their signature dishes long before they opened their outlet. It was their main delivery menu with 4 flavors at the time, and has now grown into 8 flavors which are: the orange sauce, alakaya, spicy garlic, honey sesame, thai dip, barbecue, hot ginger, and fire drop. You can have 12 pcs of chicken wings for 50K with mixed flavor.


Black Chicken Marinade (IDR 49K) – This dish as explained by mami ayam, is marinated grilled chicken with their special black ginger sauce served with sauteed pakchoy and sweet corn. The chicken was properly cooked with a nice balanced taste from the ginger sauce. The pakchoy and sweet corn was a nice sides for the menu. A friend of mine was telling me the taste somewhat reminded her to ginger chicken soup that she used to have.


Vijay Cumin Rice (IDR 30K) – This sauteed chicken was topped with the house yellow sauce, served with butter cumin rice. Judging from the name, you can immediately tell that the dish was created with an indian-influenced flavour in mind using ingredients such as cumin. I think the taste is not for everyone since not everybody favors the indian food.


I like the idea behind Ayamayaman from the time they started the delivery business and I applaud the effort in making it into a cafe.


Jl. Riau No. 26 (FO Jessie James)
Ph. 08129-111-AYAM (2926)
Line: ayamayaman

Opening Hours:
Sun – Thu 11.00 am โ€“ 11.00 pm
Fri 12.30 am โ€“ 11.00 pm
Sat 11.00 am โ€“ 11.00 pm


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