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This is not actually a new cafe. It has been opened for about a year or so if I have to guess. The cafe was opened in Central Park Mall on the lower lobby level in the restaurant sections just beside Black Ball. I went there about a month after its opening and it was really crowded at the time. So this is actually a throw back review of the cafe since I felt bad for not pushing myself to post it earlier.

The cafe franchise from Japan was flocked with teenagers and their products were consistently out of stock on many occasions including the time when I came. I only got a chance to try some of their less popular products I would say.

aranzi cafe 1

aranzi cafe 2

aranzi cafe 3

aranzi cafe 4

I ordered two of their sandwich menus and two drinks including Shiro Usa’s Raspberry Coffee. Truthfully, I already forgot the name of the other items and I apologize for that. As far as I know, their most popular items are Monkey’s Caramel Banana Mousse, White Rabbit’s Vanilla Fruit Cake, Kappa Mousse, Chocolate Panda, among other selections of cakes with cute face of Aranzi Aronzo characters.

aranzi cafe 5

aranzi cafe 6

aranzi cafe 7

To me, Aranzi Aronzo cafe’s concept focused on the attraction of the characters and the cuteness of their product presentations. They neglected to deliver good product taste to go with it. For the price, I would expect better quality products from flavour perceptions point of view.


Aranzi Aronzo Cafe
Central Park Mall
Let. Jend. S. Parman Kav 28
West Jakarta
Phone: 021.2920.0489


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