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Parisian internationally acclaimed patisserie and tearoom known for its delicatessen and rich heritage, Angelina has arrived in Singapore, finding its home at the newly revamp Capitol Piazza. It was located at the main entrance of Capitol Piazza, opposite Saint Andrew’s Cathedral / City Hall MRT station.

Angelina Capitol Piazza

Angelina Singapore Capital Piazza

Angelina Singapore level two

Angelina is steeped in memories of comforting, indulgent moments spent in its premise, a haven in the middle of chic and vibrant Paris. It has a history from 1903, where Proust and Coco Chanel have been customers at the tearoom room at Rue Du Rivoli in Paris. “Wow!” for the 112 year old, and “Wow!” for the Coco Chanel bigsmile.

Angelina had two separate entrances to the restaurant and the patisserie. The patisserie is nestled right in front of the fountain, looking very elegant and polished, it was felt like I have been transported into a posh part of Paris when I entered inside. It displayed the delicatessen products including jams, spreads, chocolates and bottled chocolate drink. I bought one of the Crispy Crepes ($24.30) in the pretty blue box, and yessss… it’s an exquisite delicacy as I expected.

Angelina patisserie

Angelina Patisserie

Angelina Singapore Patisserie Crispy Crepes

Angelina pastry shop

Angelina Singapore Patisserie

Angelina pastry shop

Angelina Patrisserie Display

Chocolates ($2.50 each) which were flown from Paris, were also available for take away. I always bought the chocolate at the patisserie then I had them served in a plate to enjoy with my Angelina hot tea at the restaurant. From the classic French collection consisted of eight ganache and four pralines, my favourite were the Africain (Dark chocolate ganache origin Africa inspired by their signature hot chocolate), Coffee (Dark chocolate ganache from Ecuador with roasted coffee beans), 226 (Almond and hazelnut praline, milk chocolate from Tanzania and slivers of crispy waffle), Praline Rocher (Piedmont hazelnut praline with milk chocolate from Tanzania, roasted almonds).

Angelina Chocolate Ganache and Pralines

Angelina chocolate selection

Angelina chocolate

The restaurant area was decorated with French style, featured semi al-fresco seatings and indoor seatings. The space was quite small and so were the tables, very much like a cosy cafe in Paris.

While being famous for desserts, Angelina also has savoury dishes to offer.

I loved the Truffle Ravioli ($29). The dish really radiated a strong truffle aroma, which made my mouth watering. While I am generally not a fan of ravioli, I enjoyed the truffle slices and the sauce, which was velvety yet light, with the lingering taste of Parmesan and cream.

Angelina Truffle Ravioli

The Penne Concasse, spicy tomato concasse, roasted vine-cherry tomato and goat’s cheese ($22). It’s a very decent penne, flavourful, well balanced and exquisitely presented.

Angelina Singapore Penne

Signature in Angelina includes the Mont-Blanc ($13.50) with a sweet chestnut noodle-like purée atop a meringue base I didn’t find appealing, so I had the Eclair Mont-Blanc ($12) instead, consisted of choux pastry covered with chestnut vermicelli-like cream and light chestnut mousse. I found the paste to be thick and sticky, but quite liked the bits of meringue which added texture to the dessert.

Angelina Dessert Display

Angelina Eclair Mont Blanc

I love the Tarte Tout Chocolate ($12)! The crunchy praline biscuit and the soft dark chocolate ganache alleviated the richness of the tart, I couldn’t stop savouring in each bite.

Angelina Tarte Tout Chocolate

My theory of enjoying the chocolaty dessert is to have Angelina Special Flavoured Tea ($9.50) to balance the sweetness. The tea was a mixed of China Oolong tea, exotic fruits flavour, pineapple pieces, marigold and carthamus petals.

Angelina Tea

In another occasion I came to Angelina with my two girl friends, we had the Old-fashioned Hot Chocolate “L’Africain” ($13), the other signature of Angelina. Just like melted chocolate, smooth and rich, this was definitely not for the faint hearted. The portion came in an entire jug, but was served in smaller cups, accompanied with the whipped cream that complemented the cocoa drink. It was perfect for sharing among us.

Angelina Singapore hot chocolate drink

From my three times visiting Angelina, I always enjoyed my time and my meal at Angelina. Lovely venue, elegant and kind staff, delicious desserts and the best thick hot chocolate served in a delightful, serious manner.

So if you’re happened to be in Capitol Piazza, Angelina is definitely worth the stop. And you have to leave your diet at the door for this one. Seriously!



Location :

Capitol Galleria #01-82, Capitol Piazza
15 Stamford Road
Singapore 178906
+65 63840481
(City Hall MRT)


Opening Hours
Monday-Friday : 11 am – 10 pm
Saturday-Sunday : 10am – 10pm



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