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Have you guys heard of OpenSnap? It is a culinary-based mobile app developed and launched by Openrice, designed to be a portal for foodies who would like to share their culinary experiences or just to check out the current trend in their neighbourhood. I was invited by a friend to try the app so I did and I found some interesting features that I would like to share with fellow foodies. First of all, OpenSnap is readily available in both platforms of ios and android and can be downloaded for free at App Store and Play Store, respectively. And they have already launched in most Asia Pacific countries besides Indonesia including China, Hong kong, Macau, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, India and Philippines. That gave OpenSnap-ers wider exposure in terms of photos and review sharing. After installing the app, we can sign up and login to start enjoying its features.

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Before sharing an experience I had with OpenSnap, I would like to go over some of its key features so you can understand it more clearly. The number one thing that makes me impressed with the app is its browsing and searching functions. On the top side of the home page, you can see the city that you are currently on. If you want to search other countries or cities, you just navigate it through there.

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Browsing for restaurants here has been made surprisingly convenient. From the home page (the house icon on the bottom), you can also choose to go to My Bookmarks if you already have some of your favorite food destinations bookmarked. Or use the features to search Nearby destinations. Or select New Restaurant to see recently opened restaurant in the city. Below those options, you get the alternative to use location-based search instead to search restaurants by certain areas in the city. Just scroll to the right to find more area selection. As you can see, OpenSnap provides us with more direct popular search links to help find what we are looking for faster. An example of that is the Hippest Martabak Places in Jakarta from the Editor’s Pick. We can also scroll to ‘Following’ tab or ‘Everyone’ tab, to search fellow users of OpenSnap. As if those are not enough, they provide an elaborate searching feature which can be accessed by selecting the magnifying glass icon on the bottom. Here you can go straight to the search bar and type the name of dishes and/or restaurants that you are looking for, to activate the auto-search function. Or you can go by the other methods of using filter by District, Landmark, or Cuisine.

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Another main value of OpenSnap is obviously its photo sharing function to allow users to share their culinary journey. It can be accessed through the camera icon on the bottom. Here you can select to browse your photos on Camera Roll or Photo Gallery, or select to instantaneously take a picture using your mobile’s camera. Like any social media platform, OpenSnap also allows you to follow other OpenSnap users that you like or you found to be inspiring from the friends icon on the bottom. While the last icon, which is the album icon, is where you can check out and manage your photo album.

Now, let’s proceed to how OpenSnap has helped me with my culinary excursions. One week ago, I was looking to try a western restaurant in my favourite shopping area in South Jakarta that I have not tried before. As I got confused on where to go, I remembered that I can use OpenSnap to check out any nearby restaurants. I used the nearby short cut on the homepage to get a list of restaurants in the vicinity of where I was. Since I was at Senayan City at the time, and the area has tonnes of restaurants, the list showed quite a few restaurants. I, then, decided to search using the select district: South Jakarta – Wolter Monginsidi and select cuisine: Western, which narrowed the list quite a bit.

After a short while, I found one that caught my attention since it offers a menu that I have not tried before. It was Holy Smokes at Jl. Wolter Monginsidi. You can read my review on this link: One newest feature of OpenSnap that I found to be really useful is ‘Personalize your favourite location’. I quickly added District: South Jakarta – Senopati, Landmark: Grand Indonesia and several others as favourite locations to simplify my future searches.

It is human nature to stick to what they already know and stay in their comfort zone. So I was a bit reluctant in the beginning to try this new app, as I know I have to learn several new things to be able to use it. However, I found out that I practically used it right away on my first try. It was that straight forward. And I believe if I can do it, so can you. So start your own OpenSnap experience.

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