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New restaurants comes and goes,but the one that stood the test of time, intrigue me the most. Sizzler’s American Grill has been in Pondok Indah Mall as long as I can remember. The restaurant looks old style, but with lots of wall decorations and plenty of souvenirs to look at, it’s a decent family restaurant. The place hasn’t lost its charm and has kept its loyal customers in all of those years. One of its perk is the unlimited salad and dessert bar that comes with any main course you order (athough I can’t say that the food price is cheap).

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Pink Salmon (IDR 194.000): Grilled Norwegian salmon with Tartar sauce and your choice of side dish. I like how considerate they are ,putting the warning tag about the fishbones. The fish looks appetizing with herbs on the crust, it tasted delicious too. Though I can’t say as nicely about the mash potatoes. It has a weird sweet flavor and smell too.


Mississippi Hibachi and Alabama Spicy Grilled Chicken (IDR 129.000): Two pieces of boneless chicken, one with Japanese BBQ sauce and the other one with chili and spices. The chicken was dry to begin with, and there’s nothing special about the sauce.


American Fillet Mignon and Malibu Chicken (IDR 367.800): Tenderloin USDA Prime steak and fried chicken breast with cheese on top. The portion was much smaller than I’ve imagined. The steak was really juicy and I dig the strong pepper sauce. The chicken was scrumptious too.


American Grill
Pondok Indah Mall 1 First Floor
Jl. Metro Pondok Indah
South Jakarta 12310

Opening Hours:
Mon-Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM


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