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A library where I can eat a whole set of meal and read all day long?I’m in! Although it was of-course just a gimmick, Amber Library Dining room brought out the best of it, with loads of real books as decorations and fine dining menu to indulge, plus one whole Ground level dedicated just for dessert and the top level for the lounge. Whoa! Today I settled on the dining room where their main attractions are the rows of books, simple yet elegant minimalist interior, with a gentleman’s club vibe. The thing that sets me off was the No separation between the Smoking and Non-smoking room. The service itself was top notched, with fast and informative servers.

Emperador (IDR 90.000): Beef, eggs, Iceberg lettuce, Anchovy, Parmesan and Tomato. The dressing was very much like Caesar dressing. Creamy tasty and I was fond of the juicy beef that comes with it.

Escargot Park (IDR 85.000): Vol-Au-Vent, parmesan, garlic and cauliflower, mushroom and ginger. The puff pastry base was crisp and light, I like the creamy cheesy toppings and the escargot was wonderful too.

Tuna Fregola Sarda (IDR 120.000): Tuna, Wild Mushroom and Parmesan. Similar to Israeli couscous, this Sardinia pasta is a rare item to find in Jakarta. This dish was creamy without being too rich. The tuna was fresh, a little overcooked but still tasty. The tiny balls of pasta was light and delicious. A beautiful dish in terms of both presentation and taste.

Char-Grilled Australian Tenderloin (IDR 325.000): Red wine, Star anise and 1000 island. Juicy steak with simple mushroom wine sauce and a hint of Asian spice. Served with mashed potato and extra mushroom sauce.

Black Risotto (IDR 125.000): Risotto with extra tasty black ink, baby squid and wild mushroom. Perfectly cooked risotto, worked well with the squid ink, couldn’t get enough of it.

Pan Seared Barramundi (IDR 145.000): Black Olive Kalamata, tomatoes, yogurt and red wine. The Barramundi was a little overcooked and a dry, the sauce was delicious.

Chocolate Overflow (IDR 70.000) : Chocolate addicts beware, this chocolate melt cake was super rich and the chocolate melts in your mouth.

Tropical Nest (IDR 75.000) : Caramelized honey bread with homemade strawberry ice cream and tropical fruits. Wasn’t my favorite cause the bread was too greasy.

Chocolate Souffle (IDR 70.000) : I like how it was presented, nicely puffed-up and had the lovely frothy center. Tasted great too.

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Amber Library-Dining Room

Amber Chocolate Bar Level 2
Jl.Senopati Raya no.61, Kebayoran Baru
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29044412

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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