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Senopati has become the most hype culinary street in South Jakarta these past recent years. Any restaurants opening there will soon become the talk of the town, whether they are actually good or not. Constrained indirectly by the cost of renting a place there, the food business, opening their venture there, are mostly serious in terms of capital investment, interior design as well as the heart of the restaurant itself, the kitchen.  I cannot say the same for all of them though.

Hearing a buzz of the newly opened Amber Chocolate Bar, I ushered myself to make a visit there after a dinner with friends at Grand Indonesia. Upon entering this establishment, I found out that they have three stories with three different concepts. The one on the ground floor at the entrance level is its Pastry Boutique, where I decided to enjoy desserts before heading home. The second floor is called Library, which is the restaurants with the theme of library. And the top floor is Sky Rooftop, that operates as a cocktail bar for the thirsty and tipsy-oriented. You can reach both the second and third floor either by elevator or stairs.

Library and/or Sky Rooftop will be reviewed by my fellow eater, Posh eater, in the coming post.






Amber Pastry Boutique adopted chic-glamour concept into its interior and wall embellishments. Walls, dominated with natural grayish cement color and a tint of white and green on some of the treatments, furniture and fixtures, created a warm and elegant aura for the visitors. In addition to that, the glass shelves behind the counter were filled with decorations of colorful flowers, vases, glasses, teapots, and other cute items, while the chairs were adorned with colorful cushions, enriching the interior even more.

After admiring some of their products, I decided on three of their cakes and two macarons flavor to accompany my post-dinner dessert session.

Pistachio Raspberry Chocolate (IDR 50,000) – The color and unique shape of this cake attracted me to try it. I can taste the raspberry and the chocolate flavor in this cake with a hint of pistachio. It was good.


Strawberry Mousse (IDR 35,000) – Texture and presentation wise was good. The taste was also okay.

Chocolate Sasha (IDR 40,000) – Love the richness and density of the chocolate layers. If you like chocolate & hazelnut, this one might suit you.

Cream Cheese and Green Tea Macarons (IDR 15,000 each) – The flavors of cream cheese and green tea need to be stronger while the texture of the macarons were too brittly and crispy, especially the green tea one.

I feel that Amber has done a pretty good job in most aspects of the establishment, at least on the Pastry Boutique. The service was borderline between good and excellent, while the ambiance was spot on. There were a few things that was lacking in the pastry area, but nothing big that cannot be remedied easily by the pastry team I’m sure.

If you are looking to satisfy your sweet tooth, I would still implore you to try Amber Pastry Boutique, essentially because of the varieties of pastry items you could find there and the quality of their cakes.


Amber Chocolate & Bar – Pastry Boutique

Jl. Senopati Raya No. 61
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone: 021 2904 4412

Opening Hours:
Chocolate and pastry boutique: 7 AM – 10 PM
Library: 10 AM – 11 PM
Sky Lounge: 5 PM – 1 AM (weekdays) and closed at 3 AM on weekends


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