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Constantly looking for a new place to eat, I heard about this new upscale Indonesian restaurant called 1945 in the Fairmont Hotel Jakarta. This fine dining is managed and created by the same people behind Satay House Senayan and Tesate. With 1945, they’re elevating both classic and new innovative Fusion Indonesian cuisine into another whole new standard of quality and taste. The classy, minimalist interior gives diners an inviting ambiance no matter what time of day. The place is surrounded with mostly dark wooden and frosted glass partitions and has many separated rooms for private parties. One side is reserved for lounge area with sofas and coffee tables. The details that they put up such as unique flower arrangements, burning red candles and red rose petals on the table added romantic aura to the dim-lighted room. Keeping true to the Indonesian roots, you’ll find most of the dishes are familiar menus-with a Twist.

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Kerupuk (Indonesian crackers) are served here as a complimentary welcoming appetizer.


You can choose between Three choices of rice: Yellow Rice (Turmeric rice), Plain White Rice or Red Rice.


Lilit Kepiting (IDR 190.000): Crab cake Lilit (minced meat or fish mixed with grated coconut, coconut milk, lemon juice, shallots and pepper) a bed of Urap (steamed vegetables mixed with seasoned and spiced grated coconut dressing) vegetables with sweet Rujak (Sweet and spicy dipping sauce made with palm sugar, Tamarind and ground peanuts) dressing. Crab cake Indonesian style. Plenty crab meat to indulge on, crunchy outside and tender inside.


Pecel Kembang (IDR 100.000): Bouquet of edible flowers and salad greens with Black sesame and peanut dressing. Indonesian salad of mixed vegetables in peanut sauce dressing. The twist here is the use of Blue edible flowers and blue sauce that are both pretty looking, and delicious to eat.


Rujak Chicken (IDR 280.000): Boneless baby chicken with a side of baby spinach and watercress dressed in spicy Rujak sauce. Grilled chicken with spicy coconut milk. The whole chicken is well cooked and has a distinct flavor of smoked chicken. The sauce was savory without being too spicy.


Gindara 1945 (IDR 400.000): Grilled Gindara fillet with 1945 sweet Terasi (pungent shrimp paste) infused sauce. The first thing that I’ve noticed was the top quality of fish they serve. The Gindara fillet is silky and super moist that it almost melted in your mouth. The way they cook it was also wonderful with sweet deep flavor that soaked through.


Wagyu Rendang (IDR 300.000): Wagyu sous vide cooked in coconut base Rendang paste. They literally took Rendang (Padang style beef curry) to the next level with the use of Wagyu beef. The beef was so tender and juicy, the coconut sauce was rich and satisfactory.


Nasi Goreng Lobster (IDR 370.000): Pesmol fried rice infused with aromatic Lobster oil, served with stuffed baked lobster. Most expensive fried rice I’ve ever had, good thing it was worth the price because the lobster was generous, beautifully seasoned,and the rice has the right firmness with simple seasonings.


Chicken Sate (IDR 100.000): Grilled seasoned meat on bamboo skewers. Elegantly presented with small burning BBQ grill to keep them warm, the satay was succulent and the peanut sauce was thick and full of flavor.


Wagyu Beef Sate (IDR 190.000): Beef version of the previous menu. The Wagyu beef meat was kind of bland for my taste but it’s tender and good when eaten with the peanut sauce.

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Frozen Soufflé   Srikaya (IDR 80.000): Cream soufflé wrapped around a frozen Srikaya center, served with Pandan flavored glutinous rice. Round cake with Sugar Apple/ Sweetsop cream in the middle,served with sticky rice cake on the side. Very innovative dessert although I’m not sure if it’s anything like a soufflé. The cake is sweet and you’ve got that extra crunch from the graham cracker bottom layer. It’s perfect to be eaten with salty sticky rice cake.


Nastar Cake (IDR 80.000): Golden Pineapple sponge cake topped with crisp butter crumble. This one tasted similar to a typical banana cake with an extra Pineapple jam in between.


Tape Cheese Cake (IDR 80.000): Cheesecake infused with the distinctive sweet-sour flavor of fermented tape, served with Vanilla bean sauce. My favorite of all three desserts. The cheesecake was velvety, rich and you can really taste the Tape/fermented Cassava. Superb!

To say that 1945 brings a whole new experience of Indonesian cuisine – is an understatement. This restaurant has definitely changed my mindset about typical boring local food and created a whole new experience of food art. Then again this is only my own side of the story based on my humble taste bud. Ultimately, you’d better try it yourself to find out.




Fairmont Hotel, 3rd Floor
Jl. Asia Afrika No.8
Jakarta – Indonesia

Phone : (021) 2903 9179

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