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Like the swiftness of a brush fire, the coffee phenomenon in Bandung is continuing to spread around the city. Even in the old heritage area of Braga, coffee shop concept starts opening up.

Located in the night life district of Bandung, this cafe allows street singer to go inside the cafe and go from table to table. Usually, I only saw this kind of practice on street food or hawker place. I was approached twice during my short stay there.

Even though the concept of this particular one is somewhat similar to a cafe with additional special menu of single origin coffee, they did alright with the interior. The place was cozy and inviting mainly due to the richness of its wall decorations and the way they combine the furnitures and fixtures.

Interior Wiki Koffie 1

Interior Wiki Koffie 2

Interior Wiki Koffie 3

Interior Wiki Koffie 3

Interior Wiki Koffie 5

The menu here, however, is quite ordinary. I ordered just a few items from the menu since my tummy is still half full from earlier dinner.

Kue Telur rasa keju – This one looks like a hongkong style egg waffle which recently became popular in Jakarta. The texture however is not crunchy enough and I think it’s lack of the main ingredients, which is cheese. It is available in several other flavors too.

Chicken Yellow Curry – The yellow curry is quite good. It might be a bit ordinary for some.

Semur Beef – The beef in the dish is tender and the soup base was seasoned well. Not bad.

Vietnamese drip coffee – Not exactly like the authentic one, but it is alright.

Kue Telur

Thai Yellow Curry


Vietnam Drip Coffee

Wiki Koffie
Jl. Braga 90


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