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As a dog lover myself, I constantly hope there would be a pet salon that would provide both owner and the pet the space they need as well as the pamper they occasionally crave. So when I came across pictures of a lovely pet salon on instagram, it’s only natural for me to go check it out right away.  The salon I was looking for was located in Kemang area. Upon entering the aisle to the parking lot, you can see drawings of dogs on both sides of the walls. Inside they have a rather spacious lot for parking.

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Vodka and Latte, with its slogan “Life is better with a dog”, showed a true compassion to its many canine visitors. The services and activities they provide here include: clinic, spa, playground, swimming pool, school, hotel, shop, cafe, as well as events. Some of the offered services are still under construction or under preparation such as swimming pool and on-site dog clinic. I got a first hand tour inside the spa area where dogs were being bathe and massage. The hairdryer equipment they use there is specialized for dogs, imported from Japan. Even the shampoo is organic. After shampooing, they also do conditioning. It’s obvious the services provided here is premium, far from ordinary dog salon services.

This Tetsuya Yoshida’s inspired dog salon is the first Japan dog salon in town. The team of Vodka and Latte, together with two Japanese groomers, Mr. Miyahara and Mr. Suzuki, provided your loyal companion with grooming services, bath and spa services, day care services, playtime and swimming activities, and hotel services while you are away. To top it all, they have a cute cafe area both inside the building and on the fresco area overseeing the playground and swimming pool, so you can do your munching while monitoring your dog’s activities. In regards to the price, I think it’s worth it considering the quality of services they offer.

Vodka and Latte
Jalan Kemang Timur Raya 88A
Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia
P: 021 7179 3737

Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun: 9:00 am – 8:00 pm


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