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After a brief shopping to Cosmo supermarket, I had lunch at Tokyo Skipjack which is located just outside of the Japanese supermarket. The place is humble with open space and mostly just fan on the ceiling, there are also available indoor tables inside the Cosmo supermarket. I don’t really fancy non-air conditioned restaurant, so I chose the  indoor seat. I know that the place was busy but I was repelled by the unswept dirty floor. The steak here aren’t as cheap as I’ve expected but overall the food have good quality. I just wish they put more effort on the cleanliness.

Yaki Gyoza (IDR 25.000): 5 pieces of  delicious,strong Gingerly flavored Japanese Gyoza.

Chicken Karaage (IDR 45.000): the fried chicken was just average.

T-Bone Porterhouse steak (IDR 195.000): One side of porterhouse is a wonderful full-bodied taste of Striploin steak but kind of tough to chew, while the other side is the luxurious  tenderness of Filet Mignon. Side dishes: French fries and Green Salad with Japanese Vinaigrette    dressing, Homemade BBQ and Japanese Chimichurri sauce (Japanese version of Argentina’s tangy Chimichurri sauce)

US Tenderloin (IDR 185.000): 200 gr lean Fillet Mignon-like steak with fries and Green Salad with Japanese Vinaigrette dressing and Homemade BBQ sauce. It’s  juicy, quite tender and tasty too.                       

Salmon Teriyaki Set (IDR 79.000):  Salmon teriyaki with Miso Soup, a bowl of rice and salad.









Tokyo Skipjack

Jl.Bulungan No.16
South Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone:(021) 99725000


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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