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Heard about this place from a friend from abroad, I went on a hunt for this dining place and bar last year. Known to be serving to die for cocktail on Dempsey rd., another expats nightlife destination in Singapore, Tippling Club was a bit hard to find and it almost eluded me.

Since I got there a bit late, thanks to several missteps on our part, they already closed their dinner session. So I went ahead for a drink and snacks.

tippling club sg 1

Before the bartender took my order, he first asked me about my cocktail preferences in terms of taste. Then he suggested the drinks.

Dropje Daiquiri – The taste was smooth, not like the usual cocktail I had. My request for a sweet and sour note for the cocktail did not fall too far off. Great suggestion.

Juniper Sling – One of their most unique drinks. I wanted something sweet fruity and not too heavy and I was going to order peach blow fizz, but they strongly recommended me to have Juniper Sling instead. It was spot on. I was surprised with how they can tell what I would like. It has raspberry flavour and they made it lighter to fit my liking. The drinks came in an original juniper sling perfume flask and I was asked to smell the box first before drinking it to enhance the drinking experience.

Peach Blow Fizz was a bit peachy and light. Although not as good as the other two, it’s not disappointing.

For the light dish, we had:
Truffle Risotto – The color was induced by squid ink. Mixed with cheese and topped with truffle. Elegant.
Fried Haloumi – Lemon and rosemary salt fried cheese.

tippling club sg 2
tippling club sg 3

tippling club sg 4

I would like to take this chance to comment a little bit about this experience in regards to their service. The service here was superb. They are patient and helpful while taking our orders. They knew their product well and the mixologist greeted and talked with the guests.

I have been to numerous bars in my life and Tippling Club has become one of my favourite cocktail spot, mainly due to their great service and artsy and distinctive cocktails.
For your information, Tippling Club has recently moved to its new home at Tanjong Pagar road after its five successful years at Dempsey road.

Tippling Club
8D Dempsey Rd. (previous address reviewed)

38 Tanjong Pagar Road
Singapore 088461
P. +65 6475 2217


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