Author: Posh Eater

Just another day of new restaurant hopping brought me to Momo,Senopati. Honestly, the place looks grander from the outside, the inside was nice but the lighting in the Non-Smoking area was a little gloomy.The only things that brighten up the place were the colorful murals on the private room wall and another one in the seating area in front. The menu mostly consisted of Japanese fusion.

Crab and Dashi Egg Salad (IDR 55.000): Lettuce and cucumber with  flying fish eggs and creamy dressing. Just average salad with average taste.

Curry Fondue (IDR 130.000): Scrumptious curry blend with fried breaded shrimps, chicken balls, mochi and mozzarella. Love the idea of comfort food mixed with Japanese curry dipping. Recommended for curry lovers.

Beef Curry Spaghetti (IDR 78.000):  Spaghetti, sliced beef, tossed with Momo’s homemade curry sauce, topped with poached egg and cheese. This dish was just okay,a little bland for my taste.

Salmon Brick Sushi (IDR 110.000):  Cute looking brick shaped sushi drizzled with spicy cream.The Salmon was good but the rice was a little soggy.

BengBeng Cake with Vanilla ice cream(IDR 50.000): Although the look wasn’t convincing, the taste was surprisingly good.The cake was moist, you can really taste the rum and the bottom BengBeng (chocolate bar) layer was crunchy and satisfying.









The Momo Restaurant and Bar

Jl.Senopati No.92
South Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone:(021) 739 7459


Opening Hours:

Mon-Sun 11:00 AM – 12:00 AM

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