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I was practically pulled to this coffee shop by the reviews of my fellow bloggers. It was as if you need to visit it if you are into artisan coffee. So, at my earliest convenience, I went there to find out what the buzz is all about. It is located at Thamrin business district. After getting lost and asking the parking attendants or security personels for directions several times, I finally found it. If you are not spending your daily routine in this office building area, you might experience the same frustration finding it.

Located at Thamrin City Office Park, this coffee place is strategically placed to cater for the working urban people in the area. The coffee shop was small but it was nicely prepped with industrial style interior and nice ambience. Besides the outdoor seats in front of the shop, there are 3 tables in the front area just across the counter, and 2 tables inside close to the roasting machine, if I am not mistaken.

According to the barista, the coffee bean was roasted by an Aussie, Aidan Broderick, resulting in a more australian style coffee blend which has more body and higher in acidity. I didn’t see the guy since it’s not their roasting day probably.

tanamera coffee 1

tanamera coffee 2

Because of the strong buzz of this place, my expectation was already high. I ordered 2 cappuccino (IDR 32,000) and a cup of green tea latte (IDR 30,000). The green tea latte was good. For the cappuccino, they offer two selections of house blends. One has more acidity than the other. I tried both of them due to my curiosity. But since I like coffee with a softer tone, I prefer their blend with less acidity.

I concluded the visit with photo taking as usual. However since the manager or supervisor was there, I felt a bit awkward since I don’t usually announce my blogger self (yea yea, probably I am a quirky blogger tongue but hey i just try to avoid premeditated experience hence providing you with an honest review). But anyway, their team are warm and friendly. Their champion head barista, Aga, was there too later on. I had a good experience. Too bad I didn’t come during their roasting day which fell on every Friday if I recall correctly.

It is irrefutable that Tanamera Coffee is a strong newcomer in the artisan coffee world.

tanamera coffee 3

tanamera coffee 4


Tanamera Coffee
Thamrin City Office Park AA 07
Central Jakarta, Indonesia

P +62 21 2962 5599
Open Mon-Fri 8 am – 8 pm, Sat-Sun 8 am – 6 pm


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