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If you come to Bandung on holiday, you might want to consider visiting the biggest indoor theme park in this country, Trans Studio, that resides in Trans Studio Mall Bandung. The theme park is definitely worth a shot. It’s quite good.

In this mall, you can find all kind of foods, from restaurants to straits kitchen, the name of the mall’s food court. In this food court area, there is restaurant that I am going to review. It is a suki restaurant called Suki Time.

The interior style is quite simple and contemporary with light wood color finish, hint of orange color and silhouette pictures of kitchen utensils.


As the name implies, they primarily offer suki menu which you can pick and choose yourself from the chiller. However, they also serve some Thai cusines ala carte dishes. We ordered a few suki items, such as fried bakso, siu may, shitake mushrooms, and several angry birds items. As for the soup base to dip the suki items into, we had both the original and its popular tom yam soup. Its fried bakso is their most popular suki items I heard.




For the snacks, we ordered several dimsum items, such as:
Harkau (IDR 18.500)
Lumpia Udang Mayonaise (IDR 18.500)
Pao Golden Pandan (IDR 16.500)


And to quench our thirsts, we had
Thai Cassava (IDR 25.000)
Vanilla Coffee Jelly (IDR 23.500)
Coconut Jelly (IDR 23.500)
Black Jelly Crush (IDR 19.500)



If you are a suki lover and you are in the neighborhood, you might want to give it a try. You should call to make reservation first though if you plan to come during peak hours, since their queue line is quite long.

Suki Time
Trans Studio Mall
Second Floor, D-02
Bandung – Indonesia

P: 022-91091812


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