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I’ve passed by this ribs place so many times before,but haven’t had the chance to try it until now. Spanky’s ribs is managed and owned by the same people behind Amigos restaurant so they have a somewhat convincing credential. Aside from their signature BBQ ribs, the other dishes on the menu are mostly Western mixed with Italian food. The place is quite big as there are two floors inside.

Cheesy Stuffed Mushrooms (IDR 59.000):  Breaded and deep fried with red pepper pesto dip. Crunchy tasty comfort food,perfect for snacking too.

Country Chicken Sandwich (IDR 70.000): Grilled chicken, crispy pork bacon, lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and grain mustard spread on toasted country bread. The chicken and sauce is tasty. Overall it’s a delicious sandwich.

Herb Roasted Chicken (IDR 79.000): Served with Mint Cilantro sauce, red rice and sauteed broccoli. The chicken is seasoned well but too bad it’s dry.

Mushroom lovers burger with beef patty (IDR 90.000): Burger with Truffle oil and caramelized onions. The meat is juicy and tasty, the only unperfect part is the wet buns.

Half Baby Back Pork Ribs (IDR 185.000): Grilled Spanky’s way , served with Spicy Alabama BBQ sauce. Delicious, tender pork ribs, love the tangy sauce too.

Pumpkin Pie (IDR 49.000): Velvety pumpkin pie with perfectly crunch on the pie crust. Delicious.

Lindt Chocolate Truffle Cake with sea salt (IDR 55.000): Dark rich chocolate tart, suitable dessert for any chocolate lovers.














Spanky’s Ribs

Kemang Raya No.24A
South Jakarta 12730, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 7182876


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