Author: Chic Eater

Perched among Bandung’s clothing houses (or so called “distros” in Indonesia) in Trunojoyo street, this coffee shop’s existence is not that apparent camouflaged by its neighbors. I noticed this place when I passed by the night before with lotsa “distro” junkie hanging out at the front of the store.





I came by in the morning the next day. This tiny place turned out to be quite interesting on the inside. I was curious about the coffee and the dessert so I decided to order one of the dessert Caramel Banana Spring Rolls (IDR 25,000) and a Cappuccino (IDR 23,000).

The coffee itself was actually not bad at all. Society can be an alternate place for you to satisfy your coffee cravings.



Society Coffee House
Jl. Trunojoyo 8
Bandung, Indonesia


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