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To tell you the truth, my first visit to Shirokuma PIK didn’t give the best impression, but I’ve always considered myself to be a positive thinker so I’m open to second chances. It was very convenient for me with the Gandaria City branch opened recently, so I don’t have to  go too far from home to revisit Shirokuma. The place was less fancy than the PIK one, with only a cashier booth and seats in the middle of the mall, but all the interior looks very similar to the original one. I didn’t mind as long as it still clean and there wasn’t any long line for the seats. The menu is also quite the same with many more like curry rice, ramen and other dishes to choose from.

Chicken Curry (IDR 42.000): The curry color wasn’t convincing but the taste was actually good and have that strong curry smell that I love. The dolphin rice mold was a nice touch too.

Kuro Japadog (IDR 43.000): Teriyaki sauce, Japanese mayonnaise and Nori. I remembered the one I ate in PIK had bigger buns, aside from the size, the flavor was all the same, with tasty juicy sausage and yummy sauce too.

Misomayo Dog (IDR 45.000): Hotdog with Japanese Miso Mayonnaise and caramelized onion. The mayo was a little too much for me although it’s tasted delicious.

Snow Affogato (IDR 40.000): The most fun looking and tasting ice cream they have, that you can literally spot from far away. The giant cotton candy itself is a head turner, added with the plain original ice cream and bitter Affogato sauce, it’s a Winner!

Carapop (IDR 39.000): Soft cream layered with cornflakes, mochi, caramel popcorn and caramel sauce. I chose the twist icecream of matcha and black sesame. Unlike my bad experience with the PIK icecream, this one has improved in texture and flavor. I think I will come bavk for more.

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Shirokuma Cafe

Gandaria City
Unit UG-9UG-97
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda, Gandaria, Jakarta, Indonesia

Phone: (021) 29052888

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  1. a very dissapointing service! seems they are outnumber of employee, reluctant to serve guest. My order took 40minute. Nice place but bad service.

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