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Yet another new restaurant emerged on Senopati street of culinary wonders. During the last two years, the circle of Senopati, Gunawarman, Wolter Monginsidi, Suryo area has been welcoming large scores of cafe and restaurant alike. However, the major performer was Senopati. In the course of year 2014, numerous hip and happening restaurants decided to make it their domiciles at least for the next three to five years, if they didn’t go bust of course :).

Sake+ Japanese Restaurant is one of them with location just across the street from Pipiltin Cocoa’s new spot and Branche bistro. It opened for public around the 20th of July 2014. With its Japanese contemporary modern interior that still managed to maintain traditional Japanese vibe, Sake+ offered a Japanese cuisine stylish dining experience.








They offer great selections of Sake and Sochu provided by Vin+. If you are an aficionado of these drinks, you will absolutely find it irresistable. You can select the sake from so many different varieties.

Since it was our first time there, we didn’t know what to order so we ordered quite a number of food from the menu.

Kaisen Salad (IDR 85,000)
Yaki Hanpen (IDR 35,000)
Tosa Age Tofu (IDR 55,000)

I apologize I missed the photos of the above dishes. The Kaisen Salad tasted refreshing with the mix of fresh vegetables with octopus and salmon drizzled with special mayo sauce. Yaki Hanpen and Tosa Age Tofu were alright.

Karubi Amiyaki (IDR 280,000)

Gyutan Amiyaki (IDR 150,000)

Ebi Tempura Roll (IDR 60,000)

Asari Spaghetti (IDR 80,000)

Chicken Teriyaki Set (IDR 70,000)

Kanitama Udon (IDR 75,000)

Since it was a bit early to get tipsy on sake, we skipped trying their sake-based cocktail drinks altogether which I loved to try at my earliest convenience. For this lunch, we just ordered these two drinks.

Shirley Go Around (IDR 40,000)
Mr. & Mrs. Smith (IDR 40,000)

Karubi Amiyaki and Gyutan Amiyaki were making impressions since they were cooked just right and were tender and juicy on the inside. The other dishes were also delectable.

Sake+ provided the ironically unneeded new hangout spot in South Jakarta with its appetizing food and large selections of sake-based beverages to go along with it.


Jl. Senopati No.54
South Jakarta, Indonesia
Phone: (+6221) 7250002


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