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Rumah Makan Linggarjati which is also called Mie Linggarjati has been there since 1950s, around the time when Linggarjati Agreement was signed, hence the name.
It’s basically a noodle house, so their main products are noodles and meatballs.
Located on a small street, makes it a bit hard to find for out of town visitors.

rumah makan linggarjati 1

I tried their Mie Baso Siomay Kuah that my friend recommended recently (IDR 47.000), Yamien Manis Baso (IDR 35.000) along with their best seller drink Es Alpuket (IDR 23.000)
Maybe their price is a bit higher than other regular noodle place, but it’s worth it. Especially their Es Alpuket. It’s a must try. twothumbsup

rumah makan linggarjati 2

rumah makan linggarjati 3


Rumah Makan Linggarjati
Jl. Balonggede No. 1
Bandung, Indonesia

Open: 10 AM – 9 PM

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