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Pho has always been my all-time favourites within the vietnamese cuisine world.  It’s Pho Bo (or vietnamese beef noodle) to be precise.  My appreciation for Pho was due to its simplicity yet strongly flavored with spices.  Therefore, on my latest trips to Sydney, when I saw a small local vietnamese eatery in the haymarket proximity, I quickly went there to grab my lunch.  Judging from the fact the place was crowded by the locals, I figured that the food should be at least pretty tasty and it didn’t take long for me to realize I was right.

These are the menu that we tried:

– Grilled Chicken with Rice Noodle Soup (AUD 11)
Beef Rice Noodle Soup (AUD 11)
Combination broken rice with fried egg (AUD 11.5)
Grilled Pork with Rice (AUD 10)
– Milk Tea and Vietnamese Coffee

I have tried Pho Bo in many restaurants in Jakarta, Bandung, Singapore or even Hanoi, but this eatery still managed to surprise me with the food.  The beef was tender combined with perfectly cooked rice noodle and the broth..ahh Divine.  Conclusively, they serve excellent vietnamese hawker dishes. twothumbsup  I would recommend anyone to try it whenever your culinary journey brings you pass the CBD area of Sydney 😉

pho sydney

pho sydney 1

pho sydney 2

pho sydney 5

pho sydney 6


Pho Pasteur
709 George St
Haymarket, 2000
Sydney Australia

P: +61 2 9212 5622

Open: Mon – Sun 10 am – 9 pm

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