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After Soleluna and Tapas de Espana, latin-influenced restaurant scene in Bandung was joined by Perky Pedro: Comidas Y Bebidas. Unlike Soleluna that derives its latin roots from Spanish, Perky Pedro was leaning more towards its Mexican counterparts. Located in the busy tourism street of Jl. Riau, Perky Pedro, with its colourful building exterior, brought new breath of fresh air to the neighbourhood by offering and serving mexican food and alcohol beverages mexican style.

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What they did in terms of interior was quite noteworthy. I like the drawings on the white brick walls of the cafe. The use of vibrant colors on the furniture was also a nice touch. The aura of mexican cafe was properly created through this thoughtful interior work.

perky pedro 6

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I ordered an appetizer to share, 2 main dishes and two glasses of drink for two persons’ lunch consumption.

Buffalo Con Queso (IDR 35,000) – The texture of the wings was alright, however the taste was overwhelmed by the cheese. I think I should have chosen the Chili Wing instead.

Taco with Sirloin Strip (IDR 45,000) – Although the Taco skin was a bit tough, the sirloin strip inside gave me the boost to finish it up.

Burritos with Veggie and Red Bean (IDR 45,000) – The burrito was quite alright. I believe however it could be better seasoned.

Flavour Crush Passion Fruit (IDR 24,000) – Sorry to say, I did not like this drink. Too much artificial flavour.

Red Velvet Latte (IDR 26,000) – Same thing with this one.

I have to say although the menu was quite authentic on paper, it was not the case with the food produced by its kitchen. The ingredients and seasonings used plus the way it was cooked will decisively determine how well the food was presented to the cafe guests. Don’t get me wrong though. I like the tacos and burritos and would go there again to fill my tummy’s craving for Mexican food.

Perky Pedro
Jl. Gandapura No 58
Bandung, Indonesia



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