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A Balinese night market, which is also called Pasar Senggol, is a traditional night market on the side of the street that sells local handicrafts and food. One of the popular ones that I heard of is Pasar Senggol Gianyar. However, if you are staying at Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Hotel and Resort, you won’t have to leave the hotel to experience this traditional market atmosphere.

Pasar Senggol, located in the center of the resort, provides hotel guests and visitors with an exotic dinner buffet experience with Balinese cultural performances as the pinnacle of this evening events. Performances could vary from Kecak and Barong dance to Legong, Ramayana and other cultural dances. At the time of my visit, they were performing Jegog dance which is originated from the West part of Bali using giant bamboo traditional instruments to create tunable engaging music.

As I walked to Pasar Senggol for a romantic dinner getaway, I noticed the local artisans selling their handicrafts work in a traditional market style, some even sitting on mats by the side of the pathways leading to the restaurant.

pasar senggol22

pasar senggol23

As I reached the entrance, two ladies dressed in Balinese traditional attire welcomed us and took us to our table. We got there in time just before the performances started. After a bit of adjustment to the situation there and saw the buffet area, I started to check them out and rummage the stalls to find what I like.

pasar senggol1

pasar senggol2

pasar senggol3

pasar senggol4

pasar senggol5

pasar senggol6

pasar senggol7

pasar senggol8

pasar senggol9

pasar senggol10

pasar senggol11

pasar senggol12

pasar senggol13

pasar senggol14

pasar senggol16

The varieties of buffet food from local snacks, satay to grilled fish, prawns and pork dish were obviously a feast both to the eyes and to the tummies. Look at the picture of the fruit stall. It had so many fresh tropical fruit selections for you to choose! surprised  Since I am a fruit eater, I found it quite drooling and exhilarating. They even have ice desserts and gelato that you can customize to your liking.

pasar senggol15

pasar senggol19

pasar senggol21

It was truly a one of a kind experience to dine accompanied by cultural dance performances of Bali. The beat from traditional music instruments complimented perfectly to the atmosphere of an outdoor buffet dining. Approaching the end of the Jegog dance acts, there was a dance called “Joged Dance” or “Tari Joged Bungbung” in Indonesian, which is a social dance for people’s gathering where the dancers asked some of the guests to join them at the stage for the last dance together.

pasar senggol18

pasar senggol20

pasar senggol17

pasar senggol24

I have noticed Pasar Senggol from the few prior stays at Grand Hyatt Bali. However, due to one and other things, I did not get the opportunity to experience it. Now that I experienced it on my last stay there, I have to say that it’s a must visit, even for guests of other hotels at Nusa Dua. The experience was unique and entertaining to say the least, with great buffet selections, surrounded by alluring and lovely natural settings.

Upon leaving, I was given wooden trinkets as souvenirs of my visit. Love it!

Pasar Senggol Grand Hyatt Bali
Grand Hyatt Hotel and Resorts
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 77 1234 Ext. 8360

Opening Hours:
Dinner 7.00pm – 11.00pm Daily
Cultural show starts at 8:00 pm Daily



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