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Influenced by many positive web-based reviews on this ba kut teh place in Singapore, I decided to visit it during my March trip. Even the taxi drivers mentioned it as one of the good and popular spots for ba kut teh.

For those of you who don’t know what ba kut teh is, it is basically pork spareribs cooked in a chinese style broth. When I first arrived at the location, my first impression was how clean and how restaurant-like this particular ba kut teh establishmet was, since most ba kut teh place I previously visited are more like a small stall. There was a picture on the wall right at the entrance showing a little bit of the origin and the history of Ng Ah Sio ba kut teh.

Needless to say, I ordered the ba kut teh. In addition to that, I also ordered the intestine, cakueh, and the vegetables from their menu.

The taste of ba kut teh broth here was a bit spicy probably because it is the teo chew style of cooking. I personally prefer a less spicy taste on the broth to enhance the flavor of the pork rib itself.

Ng Ah Sio Pork Ribs Eating House
208 Rangoon Road, Singapore
P  +65 6291 4537
Tue–Sun: 6am – 2pm (closed on Monday)


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