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My stay at Grand Hyatt Nusa Dua Bali this November brought me to this otherwise invisible Japanese restaurant within the hotel. Located in the middle of this vast resort, Nampu provides hotel guests as well as visitors to an authentic Japanese cuisine dishes. The evidently conventional Japanese restaurant facade at the entrance speaks clearly of what they offer inside. The rustic Izakaya style interior is consistent throughout the restaurant with the use of details that you see in Japan’s traditional houses.

Proceeding to check out the dining rooms, I noticed that the VIP room was arranged for traditional Japanese dining style with kotatsu and tatami mats. At the other section of the restaurant, they have other private rooms for teppanyaki style dinner. Since I would prefer to eat by the menu at the time, I chose to have my dinner in their main room with an open kitchen area to go with it.









Sashimi Moriawase (small portion) – Assorted sashimi that includes salmon, tuna, toro, halibut, and scallop. The raw meat was fresh and delicate. Nice quality sashimi, I would say.

Sushi Moriawase (small portion) – Assorted sushi with salmon nigiri, tuna nigiri, halibut nigiri, toro and scallop nigiri and tamago filled with cold roe.

Karubi Beef – Grilled short rib with garlic. The rib meat was tender and juicy.

Dobin Mushi – Steamed seafood and chicken in pot

Kani Salad – Deep fried soft shell crab and seaweed salad with onion dressing. I was quite surprised with the dish. It looked simple, but it’s definitely the winner dish of the dinner. The soft shell crab was cooked just right with enough crunchiness and it was perfectly balanced with the taste of salad dressings. Love this one big time.

Kani Roll – Deep fried soft shell crab sushi roll. Liked this one as well mainly because of the soft shell crab.

Kinoko Cheese (button mushroom filled with cheese) and Shitake Nikuzume (shitake mushroom filled with minced chicken)

Gyu Hire – Beef tenderloin kushi-age

To close the already rich and elegant dinner, I ordered two desserts for me and my companion.

Peanut Butter Mousse – caramelized banana, chocolate toffee sauce, vanilla gelato. Loved the peanut butter taste on the mousse. Drizzle the chocolate toffee sauce on the vanilla gelato to get the best combo flavour.

Japanese Tofu Cheese Cake with maple coffee sauce – Presented beautifully in three different small dish container, the tofu cheese cake was soft and it blended nicely in terms of flavour when combined with the maple coffee sauce.











For you Japanese food lovers, if you are in Bali and would love to treat and pamper yourself to a great Japanese dining experience, you might want to put Nampu in your itinerary. The blend of traditional ambience and cuisine plus the excellent services made the overall experience pleasurable and worth remembering.

Don’t forget that Nampu only opens for dinner everyday. They do not open for lunch.

Nampu Japanese Restaurant
Grand Hyatt Hotel and Resorts
Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia

Phone: +62 361 77 1234 Ext. 8360

Opening Hours: 6.00pm – 11.00pm Everyday


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