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This gelato place has been around since 2012. Long before the trend started in Indonesia, they have already embarked on this newly found venture. In fact, I got a chance to visit N2 in Sydney not long after they opened doors to the public. I’m just late on writing the reviews for the blog.

What got me interested with this place is the various unique flavor they serve and the way they make the gelato using nitrogen (N2), hence the name I suppose.  N2 is located in chinatown area of downtown Sydney. Despite the cold weather then, I with my buddies walked down there to try it. The owner, Min Chuan, was previously a desk worker working as accountant. Having this new venture took off, he left his day job to work full-time on N2. Well well.. I guess he made the right decision judging from the fact that N2’s already marked its foot in Melbourne

n2 gelato sydney1

n2 gelato sydney2

n2 gelato sydney3

We tried a few flavors to get a sense of this new kind of Gelato. Geisha’s Milk (Matcha Latte) and Mango Sorbet tasted good, especially the sorbet since I love fruity and fresh stuff. As for Fish-flavored Gelato, some could taste the fishiness at first and some do not. I guess it’s a bit suggestive. In reality, they don’t use real fish as ingredients for the gelato. Instead, they use ingredients like green tea and peanuts. Don’t be afraid to try since they have safety precautions and no incidents ever occured here at N2 till today tongue

n2 gelato sydney4


N2 Extreme Gelato
43/1 Dison St, Sydney, NSW 2000
Open: 1 pm-11 pm


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