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Monviet’s family recipe started from the 1970s when a woman opened her noodle stall in Saigon. The eatery had so many loyal customers that it continue to grew bigger and bigger , from generation to generation, through out the years.

Specialized in Vietnamese food,especially Pho noodles,you can expect authentic Vietnamese cuisine in Monviet. The restaurant, which is located on the first floor on the Avenue of the Stars,Lippo Mall Kemang Village, is quite big with nice mural  on the wall reflecting old Vietnamese traditional sports.

Cha Gio Tom (IDR 39.000): Vietnamese fried spring rolls. The spring rolls was actually food,had a tasty chicken, glass noodle and shrimp fillings but it was overcooked.

Pho Tai (IDR 55.000): Pho noodle with freshly sliced beef. Good soup broth, nice texture on the noodle too.

Mi Quang (IDR 55.000): Thick kway teow with shrimp and chicken with savory soup. The soup has that extra richness you get from the coconut milk and works well with the shrimp and crackers on top.

ComChien Ca Man (IDR 49.000): Fried rice with chicken and salted fish. Similar to Indonesian/Chinese style fried rice.

Com Ca Sa Ot (IDR 59.000): Lemongrass Dory fish pan fried with red chili served with steamed rice and vegetables. The seasoning of the fish is rich, flavorful and fragrant.












Avenue of the Stars 1st Floor 06A
Lippo Mall Kemang Village
South Jakarta

Phone: (021) 2952 8439


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