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As a Japanese Curry lover myself I just can’t resist an eatery with a fascinating display of Curry meals like Monster Curry’s. The scrumptious, fragrant, rich – with an extra sweetness of their special curry, made from 14 different spices and vegetables, plus the humongous portion of their dishes is what separated Monster Curry from the others. You can also choose the level of the spiciness from “0 Flame” (No hot sauce at all) to “5 Flame” (Monster Hot). One taste of their dish and you’re hooked. The restaurant itself is simple,humble but perfect for the fast paced eating style of Singaporean everyday lifestyle.

Cheese Pork Katsu Curry ($ 14.00): Pork katsu with cheese on top, served with rice and salad.

Mountain Monster Curry ($ 24.00): Pork katsu, sausage, Pork shabu shabu, chicken karaage, served with rice and salad.

Sea Monster Curry ($ 24.00): Fried fish, fried scallop, shrimp tempura, fried shrimp, served with rice and salad.









Monster Curry

2 Orchard Turn S (238801)
#B4-55 Ion Orchard

Phone: 6509-4555


Opening Hours:
Mon – Sun ,11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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