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Miss Bee Providore is the creative child of the people behind Hummingbird Eatery. You can expect the same aura level of appealingness and intimateness from this establishment.

When I first came to Miss Bee, the initial strong impression I got was the charming integration between the old building and the new industrial look building. Those two buildings separated by time merge into a captivating union that emits a timeless enticing ambience.

The wall and shelf decorations on each building were rich reinforcing both vintage and modern aura to the dining area.

miss bee 1

miss bee 2

miss bee 3

miss bee 4

As eventually, what you crave from this place is the food, we tried several of their favourite dishes and review them to give you a glimpse of their menu.

DIY Thai Steak Salad – I for one was attracted with this salad cause of the DIY prefix on the name. It was quite interesting mixing the salad the way you want to eat it and the result is a satisfactory eating experience. Creative! I was hoping the beef could be made slightly more tender.

Iga Bakar Sambal Ijo – this miss bee’s favourite is indeed tasty. If you like iga bakar, this has to be your first choice.

Sugar + Butter Poffertjes

Half and Half Pizza (Four Cheeses dan So Meaty) – The melted four cheeses combined with the meat was delicious.

Crispy Sweet Potatoes – I have to admit I am quite fond of potatoes dishes. However, this one is beyond good if you like fried crispy stuff. Loved it.

Valhrona Fudgy Brownie

Colenak Cheese Crumbles

Hot Caramel latte

Smoked chicken fried rice – If you bring kids during breakfast time, this menu is a great choice. The fried rice is quite yummy.

miss bee 5

miss bee 6

miss bee 9

miss bee 7

miss bee 8

Miss Bee, despite its a bit secluded location on the far corner of Ciumbuleuit street wing, has given me a positive imprint during several of my visits. Its kitchen presented an appetizing course of dishes delivered in a nice presentation, to be enjoyed in a homey and friendly atmosphere.

And to top it of, it has a playground for kids, a tiny store of small goodies at the side of the building and a small rabbit hideout on the front corner side of its garden, making it a great choice for weekend getaway, family lunch or dinner, and your other events.


Miss Bee Providore
Jl. Rancabentang No. 11A
Bandung, Indonesia

Phone: 022.2033613


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