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After few times passing by this always busy spot, I’ve decided to have lunch at MisoCool restaurant in K11 Art Mall,Hongkong. This Japanese-Italian restaurant is very family friendly, with lots of menu to choose from. The yellow and black colored restaurant is both cheerful and lively. A nice hang out spot for the young and fast paced energized people. The frozen yogurt station infront of it is also an attraction itself. I tried it after lunch and the froyo was alright although the yogurt was a little sour for my taste.

Baked Oyster (HK $ 19): Baked Hiroshima oysters with spicy sauce and cheese. Similar to Dynamite sauce, this creamy and cheese oyster is superb.

Beef Spaghetti (HK $ 78): Japanese styled beef and salmon spaghetti with black pepper sauce.  Al dente spaghetti, nice sauce, needed a little touch of salt.

Prawn Ramen (HK$88): Tsukji prawn ramen with lobster sauce. 2 big prawns, tasty creamy lobster sauce. Needed more salt too.

Premium Pork Ramen (HK $72): Pork ramen with sliced barbecue pork,radish,chicken, egg, and soup base made from 10kg of pork bone.

Kyushu-Style Pork Ramen (HK$ 62): Spicy minced pork Kyushu style pork ramen, with minced pork, radish, egg and soup base made from 10kg of pork bone.

Pork-don (HK $56) : Pork and shallot don with Japanese-style half boiled egg.

Korean Fried Chicken (HK $68): Korean fried chicken with rice cake. The fried chicken was just average, it’s just plain salty and doesn’t really taste like the other Korean fried chicken I’ve tasted.














Shop B231-B233,K11,18 Hanoi Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Hong Kong

Phone: 3122-4477

Opening Hours: 
Mon – Sun 11:00 AM – 11:00 PM

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