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This Nagoya based ramen eatery looks  like any other Japanese noodle places, but the menu and taste is slightly  different from the rest. Their wheat flour noodle has firm yet delicate texture. I tried a couple of their menu today and found an interesting flavor especially on the Tsukemen Ramen.

Tsuke-men (IDR 90.000): Dry noodle with young bamboo shoots, flavored eggs, chicken and dry seaweed. But the most interesting thing is the side thick sauce with strong shrimp flavor. You dip the noodle into the sauce to  eat it.The sauce is burst with flavor and really delicious. The portion is quite a lot,might be too much for most of us.

Spicy Tsuke-men ( IDR 75.000): Similar to the previous one but with more spiciness. I like this one even better.

Chicken Dumpling (IDR 28.000): Dumpling with shredded chicken and veggies filling.

Fried Chicken Dumpling (IDR 28.000): The fried version of Chicken Dumpling.

Fried Chicken (IDR 30.000): Crunchy chicken karaage with white meat.

Tori Shio Ramen (IDR 99.600): Ramen with salted chicken,seafood broth, dried Sardine and Kombu/dried seaweed. The soup has a very simple taste.












Menya Sakura Ramen

Mall Ciputra World 1 (Lotte Shopping Avenue)
2 Flr-02A, South Jakarta
Phone: (021) 298 892 56


Opening Hours:

Mon – Sun 10:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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