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With colorful flowers and decorative animal head wall mounts; and baskets as chandelier,the interior of Mangia-Grand Indonesia is both eye catching and playful. Great place in town if you’re looking for healthy and affordable food with nice atmosphere. Aside from the international cuisine,they also have many fresh vegetable and fruit juices on the menu. For the overall taste it’s quite good and the price is very reasonable for a restaurant inside the mall. Then again, I only tried a couple of their dishes on this day, so honestly I can’t tell you about the rest of them. Maybe you should try and judge it yourself ,the next time you’re in the area.

Mangia’s Salad (IDR 39.000): Green salad, corn, boiled egg, mint salsa with Mangia’s special dressing. Very good fragrant and tasty-smart salad with muesli topping.

Swedish House Meatballs (IDR 59.000):Beef meatballs and creamy mashed potato topped with gravy sauce and strawberry jam. The meatballs aren’t too big in size, soft and flavorful, I love the gravy plus the fluffy and creamy mash potatoes.

Nasi Jeruk Sambal Dori (IDR 44.000): Mixed white rice, orange leaf  and herbs topped with spicy Dory. Large portion of rice with tender Dori fillet and the best part is the sambal! I wish they put more of the fantastic shallot chili paste.

Sweet Lava (IDR 46.000): Baked cinnamon bread, caramelized banana, topped with coffee cream ice cream. This dessert has a weird look, it’s like two slices of baguette with banana toppings.The taste also wasn’t memorable to me, although the coffee ice cream is fantastic.











Grand Indonesia West Mall 5th Flr Unit ED2

Phone: (021) 23580313


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