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Japanese food lovers, get ready to embrace the newest addition to Gandaria City mall, brought to you by the great Jakarta’s restaurateurs behind Seribu Rasa, Penang Bistro and Hongkong Cafe. This restaurant isn’t actually brand new, whereas the first one has been residing in Central Park Mall for quite some time. Maison Tatsuya Teppanyaki and Grill has two side of seating areas. One for the teppanyaki -which are the seats around four large iron griddles- and the original seating tables for the ala carte food with different menu (excluding the teppanyaki menu).I’ve learned that you can also order any menu from the Grill area if you choose to seat at the Teppanyaki spot. The one thing that sets this restaurant apart is the affordable  teppanyaki set menus. Ranges from IDR 145.000 to IDR 280.000, I think it’s quite a bargain for a teppanyaki meal in Jakarta. The Grill area has the self service theme like the ones we find alot at restaurants and cafes in Japan, which included a tablet on each and every  table for ordering. Based on my first visit here, the quality of the food was good, same thing for the service and cooking although don’t expect any ‘Benihana style’ kungfu cooking here.







Salads :


Smoked Beef and Tofu Salad (IDR 45.000): Fresh green salad with thin sliced beef and cold tofu with Ponzu dressing.It’s so good,I couldn’t get enough of it.

Chef Special Salad (IDR 45.000): Almost the same taste with  the Tofu salad but this one has extra corns and no beef.




Teppanyaki Sets:


Fuji (IDR 145.000): Tofu, Vegetable, Salmon, Prawn, Chicken, Moyashi (beansprout), Yakimeshi (fried rice), Miso soup.

Ume (IDR 175.000): Tofu, Vegetables, Salmon, Prawn, US Sirloin beef, Moyashi (beansprout), Yakimeshi (fried rice), Miso Soup.

Umi (IDR 185.000): Tofu, Vegetable, Salmon, Prawn, Scallop, Cuttlefish, Moyashi (beansprout), Yakimeshi (fried rice), Miso Soup.

Sakura (IDR 185.000): Tofu, Vegetable, Salmon, Prawn, US Rib Eye, Moyashi (beansprout), Yakimeshi (fried rice), Miso Soup.

Tatsuya (IDR 280.000): Tofu Teppan, Vegetable, Salmon, Prawn, US Wagyu, Moyashi (beansprout), Yakimeshi (fried rice), Miso Soup.










Green Tea Chocolate Cake (IDR 32.000): A slice of green tea sponge and chocolate ganache cake.It’s quite moist and satisfyed my sweettooth.

Banana Flambee with Ice Cream (IDR 40.000): Two slices of banana, grilled and flambeed with rum liqueur, right in front of you. It’s both entertaining and delicious.





Maison Tatsuya 

Gandaria City
Lantai Ground
Jl. Sultan Iskandar Muda
Gandaria, Jakarta

Phone: (021) 29236781

Opening hours:

Mon – Sun : 11:00 AM – 10:00 PM

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